Happy Monday with Adwoa

Sometimes in life, we reach a place that is a vital turning point in our story. A leader of a student fellowship I was a member of during undergrad, called these moments “prophetic junctions”. He described them as times in our lives that provide us with a vital chance to pursue something new or to get to a new stage. But, at the same time, they can be moments that determine whether we spend perpetuity where we currently are or not.

The thing about these moments is that, they have a way of sneaking up on us. Our inability to recognize these critical instances can unsympathetically set us back in life. They could be things that seem insignificant to us now. Then, in some cases, we look back regretfully and we realize we missed out on an opportunity that could have changed everything. I’m sure, like me, you don’t want this to be your story, so let’s take a moment and talk about “prophetic junctions”.

Everyone, for whatever the reason, has a dream of what they would like their life to look like one day. Some of us, have even gone farther to come up with a practical plan as to how to achieve this life they dream of. But, before you can get from where you are to that place that you want to be, there are series of events that occur in the middle. For example, you go and get a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering. Whilst in school, clubs will be formed, events will occur in and out of campus, you’ll make friends with that quiet Chemistry student who’s a bit of a book worm.

Those events: that club you joined to learn programming, that chemistry student you stayed up all-night studying with, accumulate to bring you a result.

Let’s say on an off-chance, that you start doing national service after school and all those hours you spent in that programming club gets you noticed by your boss. He offers to hire you when service is over and give you a good paying job. What if you had never gone and learned that programming? When you got to that moment where your boss needed some last-minute help setting something up in the office computer, you would not have been able to be of any help.

So, that sounds like a really random scenario right? Guess again.

The things you do today that you thought weren’t significant, are the verge of being the fuel for the things that happen tomorrow, and trust me, they will be significant.

What things then, should we do today?

Well, do the things that you love doing. If you’re into jewelry, take a random jewelry class and learn how to make it yourself. Pursue the things that you desire. If you like a girl, tell her your piece and hope that she reciprocates the love. Let’s not be timid anymore. Let’s not let being unsure stop us. Let’s go out there and let’s do and let’s be and let’s pursue. Here’s to succeeding in those prophetic junctions and happy Monday from a girl born on Monday.


Happy Monday with Adwoa

There is one issue in life that, no matter what you do, you’ll find yourself thinking about when you reach a certain age, and that is the issue of what comes next.

You complete high school and you decide to go get a bachelor’s degree in one field or the other with the perception that the degree will be the springboard, possibly, to the rest of your life. Maybe, you pursue a certain field because you believe that jobs in the field pay well, or maybe, you go into a field because an elderly advisor has convinced you that it is your path. You breeze through those years thinking after school, you will never be like those other people who don’t know where they’re going or what they want, no. But, then graduation comes around and you realize you were never truly sure what you wanted to do or if you even did the right degree. Now the question pushes against your forehead even harder.

You’ve gotten your bachelors, what now?

I was this person. I thought I knew what I was destined to become and exactly the field that I would finish school and go into. But, things didn’t happen that way. In fact, they happened completely differently. I left my family and my home on a whim and I traveled to a foreign land where I knew no one to get another degree, thinking after that, I would be well equipped to just go ahead and “be successful”. But, as I was in the program, doing the degree, I realized I had an interest in something else. One thing led to another and lo and behold I found myself here.

Where is here?

Second masters, living in a new place and only just beginning to discover myself. There is the key. There is no magic formula (unfortunately) and there is no right way to go. You can only choose to be fully satisfied with the place you are now and willing to move on to the next chapter when it comes. And if you aren’t, all it requires is to be bold enough to do something else. Let’s be patient and live in this moment together and let’s be bold enough to truly pursue our dreams together. For I am now convinced, that this is the way to discover the direction you go that will truly bring you satisfaction.

Happy Monday from a girl born on Monday.