Happy Monday with Adwoa

There comes a time when you get to a certain level in a thing that used to come easy to you and it’s no longer as easy as it used to be. At that point, what motivates you to keep on going? If the answer is nothing, you either never advance to the next level, as you sink into mediocrity, or you give the thing up all together and lose something that was once dear to you.

Let’s say for example, as a kid you always used to excel in school. Your parents always used to brag about you being first in class. But, when you got to a higher level, your performance changed and you no longer topped your class in every instance.

The issue was not that you suddenly became dumber. The issue was that, as you advanced in school, you advanced in difficulty and instead of applying more effort and resolve into learning what you were being taught, you applied the same effort you did before, expecting the same results. Sometimes, as we succeed, we have to work harder.

It’s so easy to advice another person to work harder isn’t it? It’s a whole different story when you’re the person forced to work harder. The best way to push yourself to work harder, is to find the right motivation.

That was what I was struggling with a few hours ago as I rifled through endless YouTube videos, trying to find a tutorial to walk me through some accounting I needed to do in order to complete my assignment in finance. Calculating and interpreting financial statements isn’t really something I’ve struggled with before. But, I found myself wanting to quit and watch an old movie instead. I could hear myself asking why it was taking so long to do the assignment and I felt like throwing in the towel. But, as I sat down staring at the excel spreadsheet, I envisioned my goals. Then, it occurred to me that it wasn’t about to get any easier. The only way to get to the next point, was to push through this one.

Working at the entry-level is also a lot like this. Before you can reach the glamorous position you might want to get into, you must first do hours of grunt work, and do them diligently. You must prove to superiors that you’re worth betting on. When they finally bet on you, your workload may change but it most likely isn’t getting any lighter. Before you can be a super cool investment banker for example, you have to spend a couple of years working spreadsheets for your superiors.

So, it’s important to know what work is entailed in the goals you’re aiming for. For me, that might mean I cannot avoid accounting if I truly have interest in finance.

Search your interests and goals and see the parts you must put up with. Find something to motivate you. If it’s truly what you want, do not give up easily but work harder towards it. (I’m rooting for you too.)

Here’s to discovery and happy Monday from a girl born on Monday.


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