Patience – Don’t we all need it!

As the sun shone with its consistent intensity, his bald head’s temperature increased appreciably as sweat trickled down to lubricate and release heat by convection on that same head. His handkerchief, soaked from the intermittent application on his bright glowing middle head, seem not to offer better drying of that naturally excavated portion – but isn’t that a good thing?

It is Monday, and Kwaku already has had enough of the week. He laid exhausted in fatigue with his oversized suit making him seem to carry some big ‘post’ than he has got – but he is by no means a small man from where he hails, his home, a father of seven children with enough problems.

He indeed looked beaten as he rested his back against the office chair, but this could only be noticed if you look deep into his soul. For his smile, his coveted signature, has covered this inner pain.

But his day was just about appreciating the brightness of the sun, when came in his boss, ranting and furiously blaming him for a task he has supposedly not completed. The insults where enough to put him on centre stage as all eyes thronged at him.

“…Why are you so irresponsible Kwaku!” said his boss. “I have given you a simple task to speak to our investors and for a fortnight you still haven’t gotten me an update. I also asked that you provide our clients with the new engagement policy and I do not know what you have done with it. You are clearly incompetent and lazy! I wonder how you have come this far in life!”

And that was what made Kwaku lose it. Yhup, he lost it! Not his senses, but his temper to not being cool.


To the chagrin of all poking eyes, Kwaku’s response made their mouths all drop with ‘wow’ when he was done speaking to his boss.

Kwaku’s reply was simple. First, he paused to think of his reaction. Then he smiled to himself as always. He later applied the opposite of his boss’s temper, and replied him with the best of coolness imaginable.

He began, remorsefully, “Sir, I am very sorry for my gross incompetence and lazy attitude. I am still learning to be better each day as I try to meet expectations each day. A fortnight ago when you asked that I speak to our investors and request for more funds, I did so and sent you an email on the amount that we managed to secure. Also with our clients, I was able to send them the policy update as well on that very day as I did that of the investors. I also sent an email once it was done to you. Not only did I send an email, but I also provided a printed document on your desk for your notice. I apologise that you haven’t seen all these.”

Kwaku’s boss was numbed and words stacked in his throat. But all were surprised with the impressed with the cool with which Kwaku responded after which he smiled as he sat back in his desk.

The point is, people go through enough problems each day and may have all the reasons on earth to reply us in the worst of actions. However, it is nice to be nice, isn’t it?

My name is Kotey and sometimes, some patience will explain everything.

Good day.



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