The Same Coin

A story is told of a baker who once was the best in his entire town. The smell of his bread, could travel far along the nooks and crannies of paths trekked by travellers. It was believed, at the time, that, the smell of his bread could satisfy any hunger and bring satisfaction. It was for this reason, that many a person stood outside their front yard to only inhale sweet-smelling air of baked flour ‘stoked’ with yeast.

But one day, the man from whom this baker bought his flour for dough came to town. He had heard of this magical bread but had not a clue it was his long and faithful customer who did such worked the magic.

But to his chagrin, the cost for a pound of flour did not match up with that of the bread. One must buy more bread at more cost to attain at a pound.

On his return, he decided that for the same cost of bread, he will measure the same weight of flour for this baker. However, the baker, having trusted his supplier for long, bothered not to check for the weight of flour he had been supplied with.

After a few days, he realised that his stock of flour had incredulously ran out. He had not the explanation so decided to travel, again, with his donkey to his supplier who was three towns away. After raising all the legitimate points to make him have a good case, his supplier replied, “I give to you the same cost of bread as you would a buyer. Why must you complain bitterly, as though I have cheated you, when all I did, was to measure yours against mine?”

The point of this piece is simple: If you are to be paid in the same coin of how you treat other people and their possessions, how would you feel? However, have in mind that, feeling good because of an act is subjective, but acting right irrespective of the feeling is actually the best ‘feeling’.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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