The FriendZone (Verse 7)

The Characters in the Verse
Jason – a young lad
Brenda – a very beautiful daughter of a boss chick
Bossu – leader of the army of lost grown men
Giddy – a hopeless casualty of the friend zone
Kwaku – Jason’s friend
Delbina – Brenda’s loquacious friend
Giddy, Arc Angel, Ada, Rudolf – part of the army of lost men

The Story So Far…

Bossu, a short fat boy with pink pimples on his punctured nose parades himself a chief priest in matters peculiar to the heart over grown men such as Giddy, who himself became a casualty of the scriptures scribbled in sweat-soaked scrolls usually read out by Arc Angel under the command of Bossu. They sit, with and among themselves planning the next phase of a supposed redemption for Giddy.

On the other side, Jason’s heart was stolen by Brenda, whom he met for the first time at an eatery during a stormy weather. He managed to ask her out to his home and with the help of coloured candles and transparent coloured glasses, replicated the rainbow to help throw some light on his proposal. Brenda, blushing like a blue bird, asked for some time to chew on his words.

Now Delbina, her very much loquacious friend, persuades her to accept and take the chance with this poor boy but Kwaku, Jason’s good friend, is having a god laugh at him, for Brenda sees him as a brother.

Meanwhile, Brenda had asked Jason out unknowing to Delbina, who happen to chance upon the love birds on a cold evening. She interrupts their hearty conversation and leaves them to continue their messed up love story.

We continue…

It took the grace of God to get Jason out of the friend zone but it took another level of grace to keep Giddy there.

No sooner had the sun just managed to reach the exact middle of the sky than had Giddy appeared and knocked on his crush’s door. This is the same lady who identifies him as a studies teacher. He has lost his breath, and pants like a thief whose heels are being pursued by his shadow. He cared not to even catch his breath before knocking. Speaking through his nose, with his mouth wide opened as though he were gasping for the world’s last oxygen molecule, he engages Serwaa, who happened to be lost on what exactly Giddy is doing at her door. He begins

Giddy [both hands on his knee, gasping for breath]: I hear you have broken up with your boyfriend.

Serwaa [eyes wide open]: Huh?

Giddy: Yea. I am told you are no longer dating so right now you have no excuse to keep me in the friend zone. We need to get the queue moving as I am next line. What do you think?

Serwaa [perplexed]: What do I think?

With that, she slammed the door at Giddy’s face, keeping him in eternal chains that no prayer, neither fasting, can set free from the friend zone.

Meanwhile, Jason holds Brenda’s hand, gawking into her eyes without blinking. Brenda’s heart beat at that moment could tear apart a stethoscope. She just couldn’t seem to get over this boy with a dimple.

They sat underneath an almond tree that was in its season. Birds chirped providing natural music that didn’t make their mood boring.

Jason: Brenda, I cannot promise you a happy-ever-after, but…

Brenda [cutting off Jason]: I’m in love with you.

Jason [looking happily confused]: I love you too Brenda

Brenda: I know…

With that, they stared into their eyes again, with tensions rising at areas you cannot even imagine. Jason leaned in, Brenda closed her eyes, drawing nigh. The motion was far too slow and Delbina just had to come in to speed things up.

Delbina [who had been hiding all along, injected]: My friend if you guys are going to kiss just kiss and stop those things you are doing.

From there, Delbina takes over their conversation and love moments, planning from where and when they are to have their engagement, wedding, honeymoon and even how they should organise their naming ceremony.

The End.

Thanks for reading. It’s been long since we had this story running. Had to end it to make way for a new one, God willing, next week.

It’s been my pleasure always having you here always. I will very much welcome suggestions on how to improve. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

My name is Kotey, and I love to write.

Good day.


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