companion.jpgIt is far easier for us to feel content and happy as we talk to machines that seem to obey our commands more easily than a soldier receiving instructions. In fact, some devices currently available on the market offers more interaction with a human during conversations than some of us can when we meet a lady for the first time.

Let’s admit it. There is some sort of ‘satisfaction’ when we engage in the company of others as it makes us feel welcome. Perhaps, it is for such a reason that Abraham Maslow, in drawing up his pyramidal structure of human needs included it as a basic need – at the very foundation of the pyramid. We can’t do away with it.

But sadly so, we are not engaging ourselves in having fellowship with each other. It is easier for us to do so with our gadgets than we do with people.

Not everyone who says “I am fine” when we ask “how are you?” actually is. The thoughts that many have a day, should we be able to make time to listen will make many heavy hearts lighter.

Let’s offer the companionship, a listening ear, to the people we meet daily. As it is argued by a school of thought: The best to share with another person alive is your time, which is part of your life.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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