To Evolve – A Necessity for Today’s Survival

PhotoCredit: Google

So today, I started to read another book after completing Selected Tales from Shakespeare yesterday. Yhup, I love to read. Spending an hour commuting to work in trotro, I thought, could be used more expeditiously by reading a book. My target was to read 20 pages by the end of each journey, of which I have gladly achieved and now exceeding. It is most times uncomfortable, trying to read in those ‘comfortable’ and ‘luxurious’ coaches, but how we go do am?

Anyways, the book I now read is entitled “The Naked Ape”, written by Desmond Morris. I have not yet delved deep enough to give an exegesis of his account of man but to give a gist, he argues, as a zoologist, that man is an animal that man evolved from his ancestors and offers a provocative study on man’s sexual and social habits, his aggression and affections.

My take, is on the part he talks about how man evolved, referencing what palaeontologists and anthropologists trace back to some millions of years ago. He refers to the change in climate that caused many species to travel elsewhere and other factors that forced many species to change their feeding habits or die. Some had to develop other features in order to survive in their new environment and continue to thrive. Those who couldn’t cope with changes in climate and need to adjust to new feeding habits became extinct along the line.

The same can be said in times of today. The constant and consistent changes in ways of doing things will make many a people lag behind if they are not able to keep up with the times.

Let’s use how keeping records in institutions has evolved over the years as an example. It first had to do with orally informing your successor of what the job entailed. It means one had to have good retentive memory. Then came the scroll on which writings were put. Many years along the line, after other ways of keeping records were invented, we had the typewriter. After the typewriter came the computer, and now we have voice recognition softwares that are able to record and type as we speak.

Mind you, along the line, those who fail to get conversant with the next invention became of ‘no use’. There are countless examples in other fields as well on how the evolution of their practices has affected them, making those who are not able to keep up ‘forced’ out eventually.

It is therefore, up to us to educate ourselves and find new ways of doing things in order to be abreast of happenings in our various disciplines. If you chose not evolve in this times of technology and artificial intelligence, your extinction is very sure.

My name is Kotey, and I pay attention to the times, changing when necessary.

Good morning.


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