Working with People


Many argue this is one of the most difficult things they are engaged in on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted indicated that the chief reason people at work places will prefer working at home is to avoid the company of their co-workers. This gives meat to the matter that, working with people is no joke.

But people are not like cars. People are not machines that when something is wrong, you trace the fault and offer a diagnosis to the issue and it returns to its normal function. There is no best way to approach people, but with every single person, there is a different approach to an issue, unlike machines.

People who are entrusted with leadership positions have the best of shares with working with people. In fact, more precisely, people directly in charge of the affairs of people, that is, people in the human resources seem to deal with a lot when it comes to people.

As earlier said, there is no one best way to work with people. What can be employed is to request feedback from the people you work with on your weaknesses and strength and how best you can improve. In order to get an honest response, you will have to guarantee their anonymity. Knowing that each place and environment comes with different characters in people, we must adjust our behaviour, however, not letting go of the good qualities built in us.

It takes patience, sometimes eagerness; it takes perseverance, sometimes delicateness; it takes constant care, sometimes total disregard when dealing with people. We must know when best to put up what, by paying attention.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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