Love What You Do

PhotoCredit: Google

A king who hates governing, can never have the content of heart of a beggar who is pleased with a shelter and food on his table, no matter how the former is lavished with riches and servants at his beck and call.

Love is a critical part of our daily lives that make us achieve happiness. It fills us with doing things with meaning and not expecting much in return. It is for this reason, a skilled artist, be it a craftsman, tailor, painter et al will spend hours on end on a piece of work that puts a smile on his face when appreciated.

Many people work at places that do not bring to them happiness although they take a fat salary. Many read programmes in the university that are deemed prestigious by society but find no solace in them.

Truth is, not finding love in something that you do can make it torturous and more than a chore no matter how noble that thing may be. It hangs on your neck and make you feel as though you are being prepared for the gallows. This makes you do things for the sake of it being done and not because you cherish it as part of your daily life.

But love is choice we choose when it comes to what we do. It is up to us love it or find what we truly love doing and give our heart peace. If you cannot opt out of what you are doing, at least love what you do – for your own sake.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning


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