To What End?

end.jpgOnce an ant, following the discharge orders of its queen left the colony to bring food. The rainy season was fast approaching and there must be enough stock for food.

After travelling several ant miles and coming to rest under a shade, his proboscis finally could smell a meal on the ground. Taking gentle steps, he drew nigh to this decaying piece of lunch that was five times his body size.

With the help of his strong feet and his serrated mandibular jaws, he managed to lift this humongous meal back to the colony. Trampling upon obstacles and muddy grounds, this hardworking ant finally got to the hole. Feeling excited about this fruitful travel, he decided to take another rest before, finally, diving into the deep where the sun’s rays cannot penetrate.

Now it came to pass, that having rested for a little while, he arose from his slumber and attended to the present he had for the queen and members of the caste. Alas, his struggle has been fruitful.

But upon grabbing the meal, voila, it couldn’t pass through the hole. Shocked by this, the ant tried all ways and means possible to get this past the entrance. Forcing and meandering his way in different styles and postures, the ant whispered “to what end have I gone through all this trouble?” he finally let go and entered the hole, leaving the meal for a bird to come and devour.

In many ways, we are like this ant, doing all we can until in the last moment we realise it had been a fruitless effort. This shouldn’t prevent us from trying but that we should have in mind what the end will be so our effort is more purposeful. It should also informs us that, not all good things come to an expectant end.

My name is Kotey, and before you begin anything you do, try answering the question “to what end?”

Good morning.


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