To React or to Change

tease.jpgOnce a young lad returned home having been heavily teased by his peers. He was the centre of mockery and the gravity for ridicule. As a result, this was something that really hampered his self-esteem.

One day, his tears tickled down from his cheeks as he walked the road home, having being bamboozled one again. An old woman, sitting beneath a neem tree attending to matters in her thoughts with pipe inserted into the toothless part of her upper and lower jaw, couldn’t help but call this young lad to her side.

She enquired “What makes a young lad cry like a girl sent away by her lover? Or have you no friends to play with?” The absence of the front row teeth made some of the alphabets force an escape but she was understood.

“No madam”, replied the young lad “peers my age, mock me and my esteem has been stymied.”

“Come join me underneath this tree for a shade so I speak to you.” Said the old woman.

The young lad dragged himself as he set his buttocks upon on rock which lay close to the old woman.

Then said she to him, with her pipe now in hand, “life throws many obstacles at you. I am ripe in age and have seen quite a number of people go under the bus for such instances although some were different circumstances. Let me say it this way: how we respond to what life throws at us determines how it affects us. Take for instance putting slice yam, and an egg, in a pot of boiling water. In the same water, the yam softens; and for the egg, it hardens. You appear to have been softened by their actions.”

“You speak true. I have to toughen up and not let their actions make me weak, just like an egg” said the young lad

“And you speak like a kid” replied the old woman. “You can choose to be a tea bag and change the appearance of the hot water. We must change the situations we find ourselves in, and not let the situations make us change. That way, we are always bound to leave a presence, long after we are absent.”

Indeed, many of us have been faced with situations that ended up making us change who we are but few of us, like tea bags, because of who we are, are able to change the situations we find ourselves in.

My name is Kotey, and for each situation I find myself in, I remember who God says I am.

Good morning.


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