The Umbrella Attitude

PhotoCredit: Google

No matter how cloudy it looks, no matter how darkened the sky may be, no matter how windy it is, I have still met people not carrying umbrellas finding their way to work. For some reason, it seems we only carry the umbrellas to wherever we may be going when it starts raining whiles we are at home. Sometimes when it starts to rain and you ask why a person is not carrying an umbrella, they go like “Abi it will stop”. The ugh!

But let’s just say many of this people are not able to catch the weather forecast for the next day and so they are unaware, but I mean the thing is CLEAR in the sky, or that one too? *sigh*.

Oh and there is another one.

Ever met someone walking on a dark road who stumbles and something he is holding falls to the ground, only to remove his smart phone and put on the flashlight and later turn it off after finding it and then place it back in his pocket, and still continue to walk in the dark? Yhup! I find it very incredible.

But it is fair to say, that inasmuch as these are commonplace examples, we all have that ‘umbrella’ attitude at some point in our lives. We sometimes are aware that by not doing something we should, there are consequences to bear but we do them anyway.

For example, by not reporting to work early and closing earlier, we are more likely not to be productive; by not saving or investing when your kids are young, you are likely to struggle with paying fees when they are in the university; by throwing rubbish about, we are going to have choked drainages which will eventually flood our homes; by not having an insurance, we give ourselves to the full consequences of risk and accidents; by not appreciating what others do, no matter how small, you may lose the opportunity of getting help when you are in dire need.

Do not wait till you feel the rain on your skin before you carry an umbrella. Do not wait to allow things happen before you act.

My name is Kotey, and should the sky bring down rain today, I am already prepared for it.

Good morning.


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