Because of Kenkey

komi.jpegOnce upon a time, in some corner at the slums of Bukom, a young boy lay hungry in bed. His dad was long gone, for he comes and goes just as the seasons, and his mom was yet to arrive home. I wouldn’t say they are a poor family, but it is fair to say they struggle to barely survive each passing day.

As the afternoon grew old, he could no longer suppress the hunger. It possessed him and unleashed him unto the streets. Rogue cats preyed the cans used as bins searching for bits and pieces of what could be used as a meal at that opportune moment. He sighed, wondering how cats could even be more blessed than he is.

His legs were weak, his breath was getting faint and could hear his heart hitting hard against his chest. “Ataa Naa Nyɔŋmɔ ee” he exclaimed, calling unto the name of the almighty for divine intervention.

With struggle, he managed to locate the nearest building squeezed into the next available space. He gave a knock. The door knob turned and so did his stomach. But who he saw made him stand upright with an energy he did couldn’t identify where it came from. Instead of asking for food, he apologised for knocking on the wrong door. “Oh sorry, wrong place” he said. But the soprano infested voice said calmly “Oh ok. It is fine.”

But this young guy still did not move. He stood there with jaw opened, marvelling at God’s creation. It was at that moment she noticed he was shaking. “Are you ok?” asked the soprano infested voice. “oh yea, I’m fine” he replied but his shaky voice gave him up. She realised he was hungry and needed food. “I don’t think so. Please wait for me let me bring a chair out” she insisted. He fell into the chair heavily which confirmed he was indeed not feeling well.

She brought him water and laid before him two balls of heavy kenkey, passionately called ‘kɔmi’ amongst the Gas. He consumed it in seconds. She was ‘impressed’ and marvelled at size of the morsels with which it was consumed. She asked if he wanted more but he decided to be ‘decent’ and let the opportunity pass him by.

Fast-forward to a decade and half later, in the corridors of school’s walkway, this gentleman hears the cries of a woman pleading with the head teacher to let her children into the school. The principal insists on the woman paying the full fees and the one she owes for last term before her wards will be allowed into the school. No amount of tears could make her find favour.

The gentleman walked up close and upon reaching the principal’s office, recognise the woman. He turned and left.

The next day, the woman was called and asked to bring her wards to school. She couldn’t believe her wards will receive free tuition through to the university. She asked “who paid for this? I mean how? Why?” From behind the woman, came a voice she last heard 15years ago which gave her a chill in her spine. It said “because of two balls of kenkey and a glass of water.” She turned and burst into uncontrollable tears into the arms of the once hungry boy who could consume two heavy balls of kenkey in seconds.

Your story may not end up being this ‘epic’. But for what is worth, help someone when you can, for God’s love is seen through the love we show others.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.


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