The Magic Formula


Once it was time for us to assemble at the usual assembly grounds of the Accra Academy, arguably the best high school institution sub the Sahara, where nations of men are built and great men made of them. The sermon that day – as is the practice to begin each day with God almighty – was delivered by one Mr. Charles Chess, a young man gushing with the exuberance of his youthfulness.

His sermon that day really didn’t toe the line of the usual “repent, for all have sinned”, “Hell is real, filled with demons that will torment your life” and all the other ‘good stuff’. He came out with a formula on how to be sinless – yep, sinless.

His approach may have risen many an eyebrow as many were wondering “what in the heavens is this man talking about?” He was simple and straight forward, not spending more than 10 minutes on his sermon.

Paraphrasing him, he said: If in a day you make a hundred sins, make sure the next day you reduce it to ninety-nine sins. The next after that, will mean you will have ninety-eight. Keep doing this till you get to the hundredth day, and you will be sinless!

Voila! That was it!

All he was saying was, by being aware of your sins and making the effort to commit ‘less’ sin the next day, you will get to the stage where there will be no sin to repeat. He stood at the podium not condemning sinners, neither did he condemn sin, but with an understanding that man is human, gave us the formula on how to become a saint. All what he was driving at is for us to focus a little at a time, one step at a time into becoming better persons than we were yesterday.

My point today is not exactly on what he told us some years ago, but to notice what he sort to preach to us: That we should focus on our weakness, one at a time and get better with each proceeding day.

You may not have fulfilled all your promises, so do it one at a time. You may not have been able to complete your goals for last week, so do it one at a time. You may not have been able to forgive everyone who wronged, so do it one at a time. By doing it one, at a time, you will certainly get to that point, of doing it all at once.

My name is Kotey and I live one day at a time, polishing my shine till it glitters as the Morning Sun.

Good morning.


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