Sleeping through the Hurricane

PhotoCredit: Google

It is the hurricane season in North America and the Caribbean. Damage is expected, wreckage is envisaged, and devastation is, rather instinctively, more than welcome. But the extent of what damage, wreckage, or devastation to be expected is what one cannot predict. You can brace all you want, but certainly, nature’s powers and prowess cannot be contained nor controlled by any human barrier on its path – the barrier can only lessen, never prevent it’s damage.

Some years ago, Hurricane Katrina caused quite a havoc – sorry, ‘quite’ makes it seem less of havoc. Houses were submerged, cats and dogs had to apply swimming skills, the safest place were on rooftops, and sleeping through the night during the hurricane, could even be suicidal. In fact, many were rendered homeless, food became scarce, medication in high demand, gasoline prices soared in the affected areas – it was all about the essential things needed to survive in life. Sadly, it was reported during the period, also, that some of those who sort abode in shelters were raped, others robbed – the fittest had to survive, but they chose the wrong way.

How prepared were they before the hurricane struck?

After Hurricane Harvey wrecked Texas into shambles, Hurricane Irma is on its way and it is reported to be more ‘dangerous than Harvey. It is reported to have caused devastation in the Caribbean and the southern states are bracing for the worst.

Many are stocking their groceries, and queueing for any other essentials at various shopping centres. Within the same time, others are attempting to seal the pores on every part of their building to make it watertight as possible to prevent a drip of the much dreaded Irma from entering their homes – they are bracing for the worse.

My point exactly?

How well you pre-empt the storms that happen in your life, will determine how long you survive. Adequate preparation during the times you are most active will determine the care you get when you are weak and cannot continue.

For instance, your attitude to and at work, will determine what opportunities will be available to you when you want to build a better career in the future; the savings and investments you do whiles actively working will determine how pleasurable your retirement will be; The health insurance package you subscribe to will determine what quality of healthcare gets delivered to you.

So what do you have to think about to get things right?

What new skills or new role are you developing whiles on your job? What investment advice are you seeking in order to have a stress-free retirement? What insurance policy have you subscribed to in case the inevitable happens? In effect, have you planned your life? or better, how do you plan on surviving life’s hurricane, each time it surfaces from the ocean of troubles?

My name is Kotey, and I planned for today’s hurricanes yesterday, knowing very well with proper plans and God’s grace, I shall survive any storm tomorrow.

Good morning.



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