Don’t we all?

dwa.jpgA story is told of a journalist who encountered a person whose cloths may proclaim him as one’s whose saneness may be in question. Let’s call the journalist Kojo.

Now, Kojo usually mumbled on why his family, a much extended one, always seem to only come around during festive periods, usually Christmas and almost always, need something from him. He is always expected to help out with someone else’s ‘problem’.

One fine Christmas morning, the usual happened. One of his relatives had gone for a haircut and in the process mentioned he needed some water. Looking at how it was happening, Kojo had to provide the water. He had stepped out to his car to grab some coins and purchase the water for his relative.

As he took his head out the vehicle from where he had passed it, he discovered a man in pretty much tattered clothes and unkempt hair standing right behind him. His ‘fragrance’ caused his nose to twitch and dirt on him was like newly applied paint on a beautiful house on a hill-top – so obvious.

The shock numbed him, and they both stared into each other’s eyes like how lovers take a time to survey the pupil of the other. After a few awkward moments to what he has done to deserve such an ‘honour’, the man spoke.

To his chagrin, the man replied with what seemed to be a Boston accent in perfect English and said “Nice car”. It took a while before he replied saying “thanks”. After some few passing seconds, he asked “Err….do you need help?” the man’s reply was ecstatic: “Don’t we all?”

With that answer he hanged in there for a while and gave to him some legal tender to help him carry out purchases he so desires and said “hope this is enough”.

Indeed the lesson this teaches is worthy of note. That no matter who we are, we will surely need help. Whether to ask for directions, for counselling, choosing a program in the university or even a car to buy, we may need someone’s assistance one way or the other.

My name is Kotey and I don’t shy out to ask for help when I need it so I don’t make it a big deal to give it when it is asked.

Good morning


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