Being an Athlete

athlete.jpgThe life of an athlete is quite monotonous. It’s all about training the whole year before the main event. He has to wake up each morning, sometimes at dawn, when all are in the comfort of their beds and run down the lonely street. He seeks to gather momentum, improve on his time, and build on his stamina. He does this day in day out with the hope that he will get gold at some Olympics or even be the best in his country.

Alas, the day comes. He runs his heart out and realises he is not even a bit close to the first hundred in the marathon. He goes back home, trains some more, pushes harder, cuts down on sleep, begin training at a higher altitude, returns with the feeling that he has gotten better, readies himself for the marathon, travels to the event, and ends up at the same position he was at but then he realised he had improved in time. Of cause, the other participants were not sleeping. They also went to train harder, tried to get better and achieve the ultimate. This, the athlete will continue doing till he sees himself within arms reach of the gold medal. He doesn’t go sleeping for that is the life of an athlete.running-in-the-dark.png

In each of life’s circumstances we experience, our reaction determines what we get. Do we give up because we failed or do we relax because we have become achievers? To continue winning, you must maintain what you did and improve on what you did wrong. In order to win, you must improve your ways of getting things done and not repeat the actions that made you lost.

My name is Kotey, and I choose to improve each day, in order that tomorrow, I will be better.

Good morning.


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