companion.jpgIt is far easier for us to feel content and happy as we talk to machines that seem to obey our commands more easily than a soldier receiving instructions. In fact, some devices currently available on the market offers more interaction with a human during conversations than some of us can when we meet a lady for the first time.

Let’s admit it. There is some sort of ‘satisfaction’ when we engage in the company of others as it makes us feel welcome. Perhaps, it is for such a reason that Abraham Maslow, in drawing up his pyramidal structure of human needs included it as a basic need – at the very foundation of the pyramid. We can’t do away with it.

But sadly so, we are not engaging ourselves in having fellowship with each other. It is easier for us to do so with our gadgets than we do with people.

Not everyone who says “I am fine” when we ask “how are you?” actually is. The thoughts that many have a day, should we be able to make time to listen will make many heavy hearts lighter.

Let’s offer the companionship, a listening ear, to the people we meet daily. As it is argued by a school of thought: The best to share with another person alive is your time, which is part of your life.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


To Evolve – A Necessity for Today’s Survival

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So today, I started to read another book after completing Selected Tales from Shakespeare yesterday. Yhup, I love to read. Spending an hour commuting to work in trotro, I thought, could be used more expeditiously by reading a book. My target was to read 20 pages by the end of each journey, of which I have gladly achieved and now exceeding. It is most times uncomfortable, trying to read in those ‘comfortable’ and ‘luxurious’ coaches, but how we go do am?

Anyways, the book I now read is entitled “The Naked Ape”, written by Desmond Morris. I have not yet delved deep enough to give an exegesis of his account of man but to give a gist, he argues, as a zoologist, that man is an animal that man evolved from his ancestors and offers a provocative study on man’s sexual and social habits, his aggression and affections.

My take, is on the part he talks about how man evolved, referencing what palaeontologists and anthropologists trace back to some millions of years ago. He refers to the change in climate that caused many species to travel elsewhere and other factors that forced many species to change their feeding habits or die. Some had to develop other features in order to survive in their new environment and continue to thrive. Those who couldn’t cope with changes in climate and need to adjust to new feeding habits became extinct along the line.

The same can be said in times of today. The constant and consistent changes in ways of doing things will make many a people lag behind if they are not able to keep up with the times.

Let’s use how keeping records in institutions has evolved over the years as an example. It first had to do with orally informing your successor of what the job entailed. It means one had to have good retentive memory. Then came the scroll on which writings were put. Many years along the line, after other ways of keeping records were invented, we had the typewriter. After the typewriter came the computer, and now we have voice recognition softwares that are able to record and type as we speak.

Mind you, along the line, those who fail to get conversant with the next invention became of ‘no use’. There are countless examples in other fields as well on how the evolution of their practices has affected them, making those who are not able to keep up ‘forced’ out eventually.

It is therefore, up to us to educate ourselves and find new ways of doing things in order to be abreast of happenings in our various disciplines. If you chose not evolve in this times of technology and artificial intelligence, your extinction is very sure.

My name is Kotey, and I pay attention to the times, changing when necessary.

Good morning.

Working with People


Many argue this is one of the most difficult things they are engaged in on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted indicated that the chief reason people at work places will prefer working at home is to avoid the company of their co-workers. This gives meat to the matter that, working with people is no joke.

But people are not like cars. People are not machines that when something is wrong, you trace the fault and offer a diagnosis to the issue and it returns to its normal function. There is no best way to approach people, but with every single person, there is a different approach to an issue, unlike machines.

People who are entrusted with leadership positions have the best of shares with working with people. In fact, more precisely, people directly in charge of the affairs of people, that is, people in the human resources seem to deal with a lot when it comes to people.

As earlier said, there is no one best way to work with people. What can be employed is to request feedback from the people you work with on your weaknesses and strength and how best you can improve. In order to get an honest response, you will have to guarantee their anonymity. Knowing that each place and environment comes with different characters in people, we must adjust our behaviour, however, not letting go of the good qualities built in us.

It takes patience, sometimes eagerness; it takes perseverance, sometimes delicateness; it takes constant care, sometimes total disregard when dealing with people. We must know when best to put up what, by paying attention.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.

Love What You Do

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A king who hates governing, can never have the content of heart of a beggar who is pleased with a shelter and food on his table, no matter how the former is lavished with riches and servants at his beck and call.

Love is a critical part of our daily lives that make us achieve happiness. It fills us with doing things with meaning and not expecting much in return. It is for this reason, a skilled artist, be it a craftsman, tailor, painter et al will spend hours on end on a piece of work that puts a smile on his face when appreciated.

Many people work at places that do not bring to them happiness although they take a fat salary. Many read programmes in the university that are deemed prestigious by society but find no solace in them.

Truth is, not finding love in something that you do can make it torturous and more than a chore no matter how noble that thing may be. It hangs on your neck and make you feel as though you are being prepared for the gallows. This makes you do things for the sake of it being done and not because you cherish it as part of your daily life.

But love is choice we choose when it comes to what we do. It is up to us love it or find what we truly love doing and give our heart peace. If you cannot opt out of what you are doing, at least love what you do – for your own sake.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning

To What End?

end.jpgOnce an ant, following the discharge orders of its queen left the colony to bring food. The rainy season was fast approaching and there must be enough stock for food.

After travelling several ant miles and coming to rest under a shade, his proboscis finally could smell a meal on the ground. Taking gentle steps, he drew nigh to this decaying piece of lunch that was five times his body size.

With the help of his strong feet and his serrated mandibular jaws, he managed to lift this humongous meal back to the colony. Trampling upon obstacles and muddy grounds, this hardworking ant finally got to the hole. Feeling excited about this fruitful travel, he decided to take another rest before, finally, diving into the deep where the sun’s rays cannot penetrate.

Now it came to pass, that having rested for a little while, he arose from his slumber and attended to the present he had for the queen and members of the caste. Alas, his struggle has been fruitful.

But upon grabbing the meal, voila, it couldn’t pass through the hole. Shocked by this, the ant tried all ways and means possible to get this past the entrance. Forcing and meandering his way in different styles and postures, the ant whispered “to what end have I gone through all this trouble?” he finally let go and entered the hole, leaving the meal for a bird to come and devour.

In many ways, we are like this ant, doing all we can until in the last moment we realise it had been a fruitless effort. This shouldn’t prevent us from trying but that we should have in mind what the end will be so our effort is more purposeful. It should also informs us that, not all good things come to an expectant end.

My name is Kotey, and before you begin anything you do, try answering the question “to what end?”

Good morning.

To React or to Change

tease.jpgOnce a young lad returned home having been heavily teased by his peers. He was the centre of mockery and the gravity for ridicule. As a result, this was something that really hampered his self-esteem.

One day, his tears tickled down from his cheeks as he walked the road home, having being bamboozled one again. An old woman, sitting beneath a neem tree attending to matters in her thoughts with pipe inserted into the toothless part of her upper and lower jaw, couldn’t help but call this young lad to her side.

She enquired “What makes a young lad cry like a girl sent away by her lover? Or have you no friends to play with?” The absence of the front row teeth made some of the alphabets force an escape but she was understood.

“No madam”, replied the young lad “peers my age, mock me and my esteem has been stymied.”

“Come join me underneath this tree for a shade so I speak to you.” Said the old woman.

The young lad dragged himself as he set his buttocks upon on rock which lay close to the old woman.

Then said she to him, with her pipe now in hand, “life throws many obstacles at you. I am ripe in age and have seen quite a number of people go under the bus for such instances although some were different circumstances. Let me say it this way: how we respond to what life throws at us determines how it affects us. Take for instance putting slice yam, and an egg, in a pot of boiling water. In the same water, the yam softens; and for the egg, it hardens. You appear to have been softened by their actions.”

“You speak true. I have to toughen up and not let their actions make me weak, just like an egg” said the young lad

“And you speak like a kid” replied the old woman. “You can choose to be a tea bag and change the appearance of the hot water. We must change the situations we find ourselves in, and not let the situations make us change. That way, we are always bound to leave a presence, long after we are absent.”

Indeed, many of us have been faced with situations that ended up making us change who we are but few of us, like tea bags, because of who we are, are able to change the situations we find ourselves in.

My name is Kotey, and for each situation I find myself in, I remember who God says I am.

Good morning.

The FriendZone (Verse 6)

offpicThe Characters in the Verse

Jason – a young lad

Brenda – a very beautiful daughter of a boss chick

Bossu – leader of the army of lost grown men

Giddy – a hopeless casualty of the friend zone

Kwaku – Jason’s friend

Delbina – Brenda’s loquacious friend

Giddy, Arc Angel, Ada, Rudolf – part of the army of lost men

The Story So Far…

Bossu, a short fat boy with pink pimples on his punctured nose parades himself a chief priest in matters peculiar to the heart over grown men such as Giddy, who himself became a casualty of the scriptures scribbled in sweat-soaked scrolls usually read out by Arc Angel under the command of Bossu. They sit, with and among themselves planning the next phase of a supposed redemption for Giddy.

On the other side, Jason’s heart was stolen by Brenda, whom he met for the first time at an eatery during a stormy weather. He managed to ask her out to his home and with the help of coloured candles and transparent coloured glasses, replicated the rainbow to help throw some light on his proposal. Brenda, blushing like a blue bird, asked for some time to chew on his words.

Now Delbina, her very much loquacious friend, persuades her to accept and take the chance with this poor boy but Kwaku, Jason’s good friend, is having a god laugh at him, for Brenda sees him as a brother.

We continue…

The weather that day favoured the Europeans who were living in the town. The sun, almost at its resting place, was struggling to pierce through the clouds that hid it from view. The rain showered gently and came down slowly like someone was taking his time to sprinkle grated cassava in the air. It was almost similar to snow. The atmospheric temperature detected was just a little short of 20oC, making it cold for a Ghanaian. But Brenda sat in it with a version of a phone looking similar to iPhone X, impatiently waiting and watching some kids nearby gallivanting dance to ‘One Corner’ which was coming from the pub nearby. She shook her head, surprised and mesmerised at how these ‘chingilingi’ kids yet to reach puberty could literally crack their waist as if they were angry at the gods.

Call her Brenda Papabi of the House Slay Queens, First of Her Name, the Untouchable, Daughter of a Boss Chick, an Epitome of Beauty, and Possessor of Very Fine Looks capable of making a Chief Priest say Praise the Lord instead of Hallelujah.

She wore a red dress that traced her striking figure, which tightened every loose end. The dress was about two inches above her knee, and being the lady that she is, she crossed her legs giving ‘konkonsa’ people just a little peek at ‘them’ fine thighs. Her face was free of any coloured powder and her hair had been cut short, and shaped like a girl getting ready for free SHS. Her nose is slightly pointed, and her hairy eyebrows looked beaten slightly by the showers. Her complexion was naturally toned and laid in-between dark and fair, what is called ‘chocolate’ in Ghana. If fairy tales were real, she would have been a god fairy with wings. In summary, the shawdy fine.

She took a long look at the time, and said, obviously being wearied for having to wait that long “Where is he? Or didn’t he get my message?” From behind a voice said “I am right here”

His hands touched her delicate shoulders and massaged the cartilages that attached to the scapula. She felt it.

“I’m sorry I’m late” said Jason as he took his sit next to his crush “it wasn’t intentional”.

“I thought you had given up so I was….” Brenda was cut off by Delbina who happened to be shouting ecstatically upon siting the two love birds. She shoved Brenda aside and sat between the ‘couple’. She began her monologue, asking and answering questions by herself.

“Eeii so Jason you won’t even ask of me? Well I’m ok. I’m there. Brenda has been telling me about you. So Brenda this is where you two meet eh? Well it’s a nice. By the way Jason you’re looking good. I like how your arms are looking: so strong and all that good stuff. Can I please hold it? Eeii and look at that chest, can I…” Brenda just had to jump in.

“Can you what exactly, Delbina? At least let him be. Choo.” Said Brenda.

“Eeei sorry oo Brenda, I didn’t know you were having a private time” said Delbina, rather cheekily.

“You dier just get up and continue going to where you were headed.” Brenda said to Delbina as she tried to lift her up from the bench.

“So you are sacking me because of Jason eh? Jason all the best eh” said Delbina as she was getting up “and don’t forget that abstinence is the best choice, but when it gets critical, always use a condom.”

“Aahh…Heerrr…be careful!” exclaimed Brenda as she tried to throw her hand at Delbina, but she was long gone. Delbina teasingly replied “I love you too.”

All this while, Jason was only smiling and uttered not a word. Brenda apologised for the ‘inconvenience’.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey