The FriendZone (Verse 5)


The moon was slightly past the middle of the night sky when Brenda was woken up by her best friend, Delbina. Her phone could just not stop buzzing. Brenda had earlier informed her of her ‘meeting’ with Jason. Delbina was of the view that it could not just be a meeting and that she better looked her best. In fact, Delbina took over to literally dress her up as if she had it was an interview she had to pass.

Delbina [sifting through the clothes in Brenda’s wardrobe]: You need to wear the right clothes. This is not just a meeting so stop pretending it is.

Brenda: Oh Delbina, c’mon, what else can it be? It is just…

Delbina [cutting her off]: It is just what? My friend, get serious. Anyways, where are the clothes we bought last week? I think you will look better in blue, nah red, or should we try pink?

Brenda [rolling her eyes]: See, I don’t want to over think this.

Delbina: Well don’t worry. I will do that for you. Now get up and let’s try on some combination.

After some few moments of feeling reluctant, Benda finally got up, courtesy the constant pressure from her partner in crime. They tried on some few clothes with Delbina looking out for something she only knew but it had to do with her looking a bit ‘saucy’.

Now she’s managed to wake her up from her sleep and couldn’t wait for the morning before she got the details she wanted it there and then.

Delbina [sounding very eager and expectant]: So tell me, how did it go?

Brenda [feeling upset]: Delbina c’mon, it is 1 in the morning. Can’t it wait?

Delbina: Wait s3n? My friend open your eyes and let’s talk. Did he propose?

Brenda [now fully awake because of the question]: Ah, Delbina! Relax small eerr.

At that moment they laughed a bit and Brenda continued

Brenda [now smiling and rubbing her teddy bear]: Weeelll…he sort of did.

Delbina: What do you mean by sort of? It’s either he did or didn’t.

Meanwhile, some two miles away from Brenda’s end, Jason’s long-time friend, Kwaku, has visited to find out the update on what has happened. Their conversation is in pidgin English.

Kwaku: So charley the thing how did it go?

Jason: Charley the shawdy dey see me as a brother oo.

Kwaku [laughing heartlessly]: Oh boy, so she zone you that oo. Abi you know?

Jason [not seeing it as funny]: Charley shun dey fool. This be serious matter.

Kawku: So what you talk am?

Jason: Charley me dier I flow am my mind. I talk am say, we don’t have the same parents so we no fi be siblings but my feelings for am be very real.

Kwaku: Bossu that [starts to laugh again]

Back to Delbina and Brenda

Brenda: Well he did say something like that but I don’t really know.

Delbina: But he’s a nice guy: gentle, respectable and calm. It’s not like he’s forcing himself on you, is he? He only wants to love you so just give him a chance.

Brenda: Well that’s the thing, I am not so sure. And I think I want to think about it for a while.

Delbina: What is there to think about? You like him also so what are you waiting for? I hope you didn’t tell him you see him as a friend?

Brenda [giggling]: Well not that. But I remember I called him Brother Jason and he didn’t like it.

Delbina: Brenda don’t let him give up oo. Yoo.

Brenda: Well I told him to give me some time.

Delbina: So what if something happens?

Brenda: Then it means it was never meant to happen because what will be, will be

Delbina: What will be will never be, if you don’t work towards it. Even miracles need faith and magic needs an absent mind to play tricks on.

 To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.



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