Truth Has No Enemy


Truth is, truth has no enemy, just people who will not want to hear it. It may be that, it will expose them on what they intend doing and people will know them for who they really are.

However, in speaking the truth, one must add wisdom. Time and place is very crucial in telling of the truth. Employing the how, what and when, will make one’s communication more respected. This is because, one will not let the truth to cause more devastation to the recipient or to whom it may affect. Take for instance when someone loses a loved one. The person is first ‘cornered’ into the right mood and the sad news is released gently.

An African proverb says “The speaker of truth has no friends.” This because although the truth frees the carrier of it, it also burdens the one to whom it is directed. Indeed, truth has no enemy, and although people may hate you for telling it, they will always remember you for being truthful, and that, my friend, is truth.

My name is Kotey.


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