The FriendZone (Verse 3)


A strong gaze from both eyes as one was looking more than intently into the pupil of the other. It is the strangest feeling yet. Then he moved his eyes to gaze at her lips. She caught the revelation and gawked at his. Then their stare returned to each other’s eyes again. This time for five and half seconds. You could hear their breath if only the old woman had kept quiet. He took a step closer. She inched nearer. He leaned in to close the gap. She lifted her chin to close-up the space. Their lips were a millimetre apart and he opened his, slowly. She loosened hers, gently. Then Jason closed his eyes. Brenda did same and…

Flashback: Two hours and fifteen minutes ago

Immediately Jason took his first step, thunder struck simultaneously. It hit him like a hurricane, with his heart pounding very fast and loud. You could tell he became confused as he didn’t know what to do next. Brenda herself was also caught unawares by this thunderous ‘clap’ of unseen divine hands. She thought: “Is this a sign?” But the poor love birds were so engulfed in their feelings that they forgot it was rather a sign for the torrential rains about to fall.

The sky became dark like a black crow within seconds and the rains proceeded it.

The wind shattered the flower-pot that lay by the window where Brenda sat to the floor. This made her panic as more things started to fly through the window. Jason rushed her end to close the window. Little did he know that Brenda had also made an unconscious move to grab the window. Jason’s hand got there last with his on top of hers. She felt it. He caressed it.

Jason: Sorry, I didn’t mean to.

Brenda: Don’t worry. It’s fine. Thanks for wanting to help me out.

Jason: My pleasure.

This was followed by a minute of awkward silence as they both stole glances off each other amidst petty smiles. After twenty minutes of strong rain, it came to a gentle stop as if someone took his time to turn off a tap. It was this first encounter that led to many things to come.

In the meantime, our army of lost grown men still lingering and lost in the wilderness of love were still been entertained by Giddy.

Giddy [trying to man up]: So after I saw the name ‘Studies Teacher’, she tried to coerce me into believing that it was some sexy pet name she had given me.

Ada [Interjecting Giddy]: Where ‘pet’ means?

Giddy [responding to Ada]: Only God knows. She doesn’t know from where I come from people eat cats.

laughter erupts from the group.

He now shakes his head as he continues his story. His tears are now dry.

Giddy: So she attempted to place her hands over my shoulder and lean in to me. I just shoved her off and told her that “I never saw you as my student. How could you do this to me?” She was like “I can explain. Just hear me out” But I was already through the door.

To be continued…


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