Pause, then Continue

PC: Google

It is important that as the day continues, you get a moment to look back and see what you have achieved so far. Usually some people recommend that, it is best to review your plans for the day at the day’s end so you know what you missed and plan for it the next day.

However, going through the remaining plans for the day, will inform you on what to prioritise depending on the time left to end the day. This will let you re-channel your remaining energy and effort to what you are supposed to do and achieve ample results. During this process as well, you may know what let go and include in your list the next day.

There’s already enough heat in our part of the world, mostly when you get stuck in traffic and you are meeting a deadline. But within that period, take a minute to go through what you have left.

My name is Kotey, and I must however add that, you do not only need to pause and go over what you are doing. Sometimes all you need is a break from stress!

Good day.


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