Processing Yourself

PhotoCredit: Google

In the first place every human being can be deemed as a raw material. Obviously we all are but how many of us process ourselves in adding value?

Raw materials like coffee, cocoa, gold, timber, bauxite and many others are almost irrelevant if not for the processes they are put through to add value to their initial state. But the process in which they undergo makes interesting noticing.

First, they are cultivated and cared for by a farmer. After harvesting, they are then plucked and taken to factories to be processed. Cocoa becomes chocolate, timber becomes furniture, groundnut becomes peanut butter etc.

Those that are hidden underground are discovered by geologists and worked and purified from their ores to have their raw state and further processes are applied to increase their value. Some are used as jewelries, as building materials amongst many others.

In effect, before any person becomes an expert in what he or she does, one needs to be discovered, or better, one must be mentored to know nooks and crannies of the area one may be entering. One must also know that, not all the processes you have to go through will be pleasant. For instance, gold is processed at very high temperatures, and cocoa trees are pruned with sharp edges but all is done to achieve a ‘glorious’ end. So know that, the sleepless nights will pay off, the tedious work will build your resilience, and as you learn from your mistakes you  will know what not to do. More importantly, learn to work with a purpose.

My name is Kotey and in processing myself daily, I do not always get it right, but I thank God for role models, and knowing that tomorrow will is always better than today. The sweat you see on my forehead is what cools down my body temperature.

Good morning.


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