Breaking the jinx


The reason we identify darkness, is because a light casts a shadow onto an existing space. One may however, argue that, darkness means the absence of light. However, physics is likely to disagree with the person. The presence of something does not necessarily mean the absence of another. It is all about the intensity with which that which is present is felt. That is to say, there are some darkness which are ‘darker’ than others, which informs us there is some light present.

Pardon me for the lecture but that was to serve as a ‘foundation’ to this piece.

Many a person find himself at point where he feels he has done too many wrongs to forgive himself to start doing right. Many feel they have gone too far from the light that, they are now in total darkness. Remember that, the ‘blacker’ the darkness, the brighter the light outside.

In some instances as well, some are of the view that they are not as brilliant as their peers, and can never get to know and understand what is taught in class. All it takes is an extra effort, and being bold to approach your teacher or classmates to help you understand. In case it is your business collapsing as well, and you don’t think you can salvage it, sometimes things get so bad so that they can be made better. It is for this reason a seed gets rotten.

It is possible for you to get back up no matter how ‘low’ you may think you have hit to the bottom. It is possible to move from the darkness to light, and even become it. You can shine brighter than what you doing now to be better than you are. All there is to do, is to break the jinx.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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