Before You Launch Out

Before a flower blossoms, showcasing all of its composition and features in toto, it hides itself within the protection of a ‘capsule’.
flower.jpgThe capsule provides protection against the wind, ‘predators’ and also from contamination. More so, it also protects the feeble internal features of the flower from being destroyed by preserving it till the time is right. Furthermore, the capsule is also connected to the parent plant via the stalk from where it takes its nutrients and to grow.
In life, we sometimes show off things when we should not. We share ideas with people way too early when we have not figured out how we are going about it. As a result, more business ideas have been ‘stolen’ and also more people have tend to give up on what their ambitions because they were ill-informed about the consequences, only to later realise they made a mistake not to do so.
However, just like the flower, we need protection from the ‘predators’ that come our way; from the ‘eaters’ that ‘eat’ our lot; and from the ‘opposers’ that make us not progress. Protect your ideas and intentions by being careful of what you share with others, more importantly, who you share it with. Nonetheless, just as the flower needs a parent plant to tap nutrients from, so do we need a role model, a teacher, a parent, a guardian, or a trusted friend to not only learn from their mistakes, but also tap from their knowledge so as to guide us in making our decisions.
My name is Kotey, and before you launch out, be ready.
Good morning.launch.jpg

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