Alone with Loneliness


Not every smiling face is happy. Not every laughter means happiness. And not every ‘good’ news brings with it the best feeling one expects.

More often than  not, people weep in isolation, regret actions when alone and bit their lower lip when the lights are out.

But the moment of sadness is not solved alone. As it is said, a problem shared is half solved.

Find someone to talk to if you can, don’t walk alone with your pain. It doesn’t solve it. It rather brews your weakness.

As a matter of fact, many people are living fighting a battle we have no idea about. When you come across one, offer help for not every smiling face is happy.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


Pause, then Continue

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It is important that as the day continues, you get a moment to look back and see what you have achieved so far. Usually some people recommend that, it is best to review your plans for the day at the day’s end so you know what you missed and plan for it the next day.

However, going through the remaining plans for the day, will inform you on what to prioritise depending on the time left to end the day. This will let you re-channel your remaining energy and effort to what you are supposed to do and achieve ample results. During this process as well, you may know what let go and include in your list the next day.

There’s already enough heat in our part of the world, mostly when you get stuck in traffic and you are meeting a deadline. But within that period, take a minute to go through what you have left.

My name is Kotey, and I must however add that, you do not only need to pause and go over what you are doing. Sometimes all you need is a break from stress!

Good day.

Being Indispensable


First, no matter how good you are, you can be replaced.

That said, one must lay emphasis and give attention to how he does things. One is never remembered for what he does, rather how he does what was to be done, whether good or bad, but good is always better.

So as you have a chance each day at work, put up an attitude that makes you worth having so as not to be laid off. As you to live with family, friends, and loved ones as well as strangers, make sure you leave a memory worth having in their minds. A memory on how you imparted their lives.

Our aim shouldn’t be towards becoming indispensable, rather, letting our good be remembered, and our ways worth emulating, as we live our lives devoid of evil.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.

The FriendZone (Verse 2)


It was a cold evening with the weather slightly windy. The moon had been hidden by passing clouds for some minutes and made the evening seem older than it looked. The streets were a bit deserted with the streetlights not working, which was something usual. The kelewele vendors had arrived at their spot filling the air with sweet-smelling aroma and frying the favourite of many who wanted a snack for the night. In the mean time, there were busy jaws at the eatery till she walked in.

She is so beautiful that nobody needed to say it. How all jaws at the eatery dropped was enough for any observer to testify that the one who walked in was one of ‘serious attention’. But who will do this observation as all eyes were fixated on this beauty queen, perfectly body-contoured? In the background, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” was on repeat. What a perfect coincidence!

As she sat by the window, rushing wind blew her hair in all directions behind her, causing her to tilt her head slightly to straighten it. As she did so, her eyes met with Jason who seemed to have frozen like a chicken in the corner of a butcher’s freezer. As their eyes met, it was the most awkward 5 seconds of his life. ‘Things started doing him’. The smile that came from her knocked him out of his consciousness. She only shook her head.

This was the first time Brenda met with Jason and he knew this was it. He better take his chance or live forever regretting it.

So he shifted in his seat, like how a driver shifts to change his gear, mustered courage, cleared his throat, and with the strength of a thousand lions got up to take the boldest step of his life.

With his eyes still fixed on Brenda, he lifted his left leg, threw it into the air and…

Back to our army of lost grown men still lingering and lost in the wilderness of love.

Kelvin Giddy is now fully recovered and the army surrounds him to listen to his testimony on how he has been victimised when inflicted with syndrome of the friend zone. They were positioned in the heart of the jungle housed in a small tent. He sat in the middle, with a hurricane lamp right in front of him which casted his shadow backwards onto the tent as if he was a giant creature. It was as if they have gathered to listen to a great tale about how their forefathers defeated the original settlers of the land. No eye blinked, breaths were steady and concentration was high. They sat on the bare floor.

He began with his voice as groggery: “The friend zone is like being cast into eternal damnation and bound by eternal chains of sorrow. It is darker than the blackness of darkness and there is severe gnashing of teeth. What makes it painful is the time planted on a field you didn’t know you will never harvest just for another to come and pluck away the fruit.”

As he said these words, there was one little boy in the midst of these lost men who had brought in a jotter to make notes. His name is Rudolf and he was very studious but currently finds himself at a place he only documents. He put up his hand to ask questions as if he was cross-examining a witness who has stolen funds belonging to the state.

Rudolf: So what were the signs and symptoms that led to your demise?

Giddy: The answer is very complicated but I failed to pay attention to all the signals that she was sending. I was blinded so much that I failed to read between the lines. For instance, she only called me to come over when she had homework. She called me boo only when I tell her I can teach her, and anytime I say I will do her work for but she can miss class, she gives me a hug and a peck. [Now beginning to sob and cry] I didn’t know all was vanity.

Bossu [interdicts to offer words of encouragement]: Don’t worry. Go on. You can do this. Continue…and what happened?

Giddy [collecting a handkerchief from Rudolf to wipe away his tears although still sobbing]: So I was there in her room when a call through. [Sobbing begins to increase and he blows his nose away]. So as the call came through, all I could hear her say was ‘yes dear…I miss you…okay hun…same place?….well I love you too…’and some other things I can’t say. But she kept rubbing her hands on my head so I couldn’t think… [Sobbing turns into uncontrollable tears]

The entire army [in unison]: Aaawww….so sorry…big boys don’t cry….and what happened?

Giddy [still continuing]: So after a while, I finished doing all the homework and was now time for me to go. She told me how she likes me and how she won’t be able to survive without me as she gave me one of the tightest hugs that could suffocate an Anglican evangelist. But then she had forgotten where she placed her phone and asked me to dial her number. I dialled the number and heard it ringing underneath her pillow. As I lifted the pillow….

Just then, a strong wind blew, putting off the hurricane lamp. Everyone shouted as if dumsor had occurred when they had gotten to the most exciting part of kumkum bagya.

Bossu [shouting orders]: Rudolf, light the match.

After a few moments of unannounced commercial break, the hurricane lamp was lighted and returned to their positions but pushing a bit closer to the story-teller.

Bossu: Yes, Giddy continue.

Giddy: So as I lifted the pillow, the name I saw on her phone was ‘Studies Teacher’.


To be continued…
A Verse by Kotey.

Processing Yourself

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In the first place every human being can be deemed as a raw material. Obviously we all are but how many of us process ourselves in adding value?

Raw materials like coffee, cocoa, gold, timber, bauxite and many others are almost irrelevant if not for the processes they are put through to add value to their initial state. But the process in which they undergo makes interesting noticing.

First, they are cultivated and cared for by a farmer. After harvesting, they are then plucked and taken to factories to be processed. Cocoa becomes chocolate, timber becomes furniture, groundnut becomes peanut butter etc.

Those that are hidden underground are discovered by geologists and worked and purified from their ores to have their raw state and further processes are applied to increase their value. Some are used as jewelries, as building materials amongst many others.

In effect, before any person becomes an expert in what he or she does, one needs to be discovered, or better, one must be mentored to know nooks and crannies of the area one may be entering. One must also know that, not all the processes you have to go through will be pleasant. For instance, gold is processed at very high temperatures, and cocoa trees are pruned with sharp edges but all is done to achieve a ‘glorious’ end. So know that, the sleepless nights will pay off, the tedious work will build your resilience, and as you learn from your mistakes you  will know what not to do. More importantly, learn to work with a purpose.

My name is Kotey and in processing myself daily, I do not always get it right, but I thank God for role models, and knowing that tomorrow will is always better than today. The sweat you see on my forehead is what cools down my body temperature.

Good morning.

The FriendZone (Verse 1)

offpic.jpgAll was quiet. The wind was the only thing being heard and all eyes were cast behind from where a figure was supposed to emanate. No one dared to move an inch. Everyone’s breath was held up as they waited in anticipation for the arrival of their master on what further actions to take. One of their members had just been inflicted with what is now the deadliest killer syndromes. He had to be given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in order to come back to life for he literally collapsed when inflicted. In protest, they had worn black armbands over army-like uniforms.

After 13 seconds of watching through ‘empty space’, sounds of footsteps is heard. It echoed through the silent air sending shivers through the spine of the ants on the floor, for the shiny boots trampled upon them, and killing a few. All faces now faced forward with serious looks of anger, communicating the exact message their master wanted to see from them.

Now, he stands before them, ready to give the ‘speech of the century’, flanked to the left by his reliable and able lieutenant. This is a very serious issue and he means business. No Joke. His face became as straight as a line parallel to another straight line. With his tiny voice, he said:

“Comrades, we have heard that one of our able generals has been injured when he went into battle against an aged foe, a foe we meet daily to plan against. We have reliable intelligence that he is currently recovering in all aspects of his health and has currently locked himself in his bedroom whiles receiving self-treatment in his mother’s house. Be rest assured that, we have all things under control and will provide you with further information once his tears run dry. Lieutenant, please remind them who this foe is again, so they know what we are really up against.”

The lieutenant now takes centre stage, moving up and down with the happiness that communicates we-told-you-so kind of thing. He had his left hand in his pocket, with his stomach protruding slightly and forming an arc away from its point of origin. His slim nature made the ‘slightly’ look ‘gargantuan’ and it was for this reason they called him The ‘Arc’ Angel. A name that he thought meant he was superior to the rest of them. He began:

“The enemy we fight against gets complex by the day. It has no mercy for princes or kings. It has been around before the time of our fathers and their fathers’ fathers. Today it has touched one of our own, and it has bitten more than it chew. Ortega! What’s is the name of this enemy I speak of?” He yelled.

Ortega [rising to attention to answer the question]: The Friend Zone.

Arc Angel: And what is it?

Ortega: It is a psychological reality that, first, arrests the mind of the victim and inflicts signs and symptoms of emotional disorder within the first three hours before, during, or after proposing to a lady which can lead to a lifetime of serious psychosomatic displays. If symptoms persist after three days, one must immediately consult an expert in this rarely studied field of academia. However, it is important to refer to a study conducted by one ‘Major General’ Awuku Larbi over a population of carefully selected girls from the Akuapem-Togo Ranges in sub-Saharan Africa, that, although ladies themselves can be victims, they are the carriers of this deadly syndrome which male scientists around the world are anxiously finding an antidote to, with some even being infected in the process.

Now this was followed by a round of applause so raucous yet brief. The master took over as if the applause were for him, standing there proudly, still with his straight face. Taking centre stage, he said:

“Verily, verily I say unto you, not all who say to a lady that ‘I love you, I love you’ will be absorbed into the kingdom of her heart. For many have proposed but few will be selected from which only one will be chosen. Because it is a million times easier for a camel to fall into a hole dug by an ant than it is for a lady to fall in love with those in the Friend Zone but then never lose hope. For the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I am here to guide you. The Friend Zone has just declared war by touching one of our generals and we shall reply in equal measure, pressed down, and shaken together till it runs.”

His followers began cheering and hailing as if they have been gingered for war against the Amalekites in ancient times.

He was a short, fat boy, leading an ‘army’ of grown men lost in the world of love. If love were a real war fought with guns and ammunition, then they would have been to many and gotten back with various degrees of injuries. His name is Bossu.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away from these group of lost men, a young lad by name Jason attempts to take his chances with Brenda, his long-time crush. He has used months of anxious planning to reach this far.

Candles lighted the pathway from the entrance of the house through the living room to the dining hall. At the dining hall, he had lit different colours of candles hidden under different colours of transparent glass covers which threw an artificial rainbow across the room. It was as though angels from above brought divine visitation holding precious pearls in their hands which illuminated the space they occupied. But the one next to him was finer than any angel he had heard off or seen in his dreams.

“Damn…..You so fine” he heard himself say when he let her through the door.

She just smiled at him, showing her white teeth which was intact and a diastema which previously was hidden under those lips glossed with red lipstick to match the red dress she was wearing. Her hair was sleek and black showing evidence of rich and expensive hair treatment. Call her Brenda Papabi of the House Slay Queens, First of Her Name, the Untouchable, Daughter of a Boss Chick, an Epitome of Beauty, and Possessor of Very Fine Looks capable of making a Chief Priest say Praise the Lord instead of Hallelujah.

He advised himself to take it on a ‘low tempo’ and not to rush it but he had the urge to take his chance now. They sipped red wine from gold cups made from gold extracted from the gold ores in the Middle East. He had carefully selected the songs which played in the house. He had been advised to play love songs from the 90’s only, following consultation with some ‘love doctors’.

He cleared his throat. The temperature in the room seems to rising for him. The feeling was getting awkward but Brenda kept smiling pretending not to know what was coming.

Jason [with some courage and mixed feelings and some fumbling]: Errmm…Brenda…I…uuhm…eerm…I have something to tell you. Something I haven’t been able to say for a while now. Please give me an ear with an open heart.

As he said these words, tears were held up in left eye and his voice quivered with which he grabbed her left hand looking straight into those sparkling eyes of hers.

There noorr Brenda said “Oh BROTHER Jason, please don’t make me feel shy.”

And that was when he realised, he could be entering the ZONE of no return.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning.

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Breaking the jinx


The reason we identify darkness, is because a light casts a shadow onto an existing space. One may however, argue that, darkness means the absence of light. However, physics is likely to disagree with the person. The presence of something does not necessarily mean the absence of another. It is all about the intensity with which that which is present is felt. That is to say, there are some darkness which are ‘darker’ than others, which informs us there is some light present.

Pardon me for the lecture but that was to serve as a ‘foundation’ to this piece.

Many a person find himself at point where he feels he has done too many wrongs to forgive himself to start doing right. Many feel they have gone too far from the light that, they are now in total darkness. Remember that, the ‘blacker’ the darkness, the brighter the light outside.

In some instances as well, some are of the view that they are not as brilliant as their peers, and can never get to know and understand what is taught in class. All it takes is an extra effort, and being bold to approach your teacher or classmates to help you understand. In case it is your business collapsing as well, and you don’t think you can salvage it, sometimes things get so bad so that they can be made better. It is for this reason a seed gets rotten.

It is possible for you to get back up no matter how ‘low’ you may think you have hit to the bottom. It is possible to move from the darkness to light, and even become it. You can shine brighter than what you doing now to be better than you are. All there is to do, is to break the jinx.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.