Be Colourful

colourful.jpgSo this is a testimony or should I say an experience.

Some 5 years ago in KNUST, we had closed from lectures and were headed back to our halls. I was with some friends of mine after having being bombarded in an engineering class with some course bi.

On our way, we met this fine lady headed towards the Business School wearing their usual sea blue kind of uniform. Yes, I said fine lady. What attracted we the guys had nothing to do with her dressing, rather it was what she had put on…and it wasn’t makeup.

She had put on a very colourful smile with her fine cheeks puffed and popping out over those perfect lips that exposed her white teeth. As we got closer, as if planned, all of us walking together was like “woooww…nice smile.” It seemed she was caught unawares and couldn’t help but continue smiling and then eventually laughed as she got past us. Yeah, we turned our heads as she continued her journey down the hill.

The next day, we instinctively decided to use the same route in hope that we would see that smile again, the smile that got all of us changing the subject of whatever we talking about. I remember Giddy was very wild looking for the slightest resemblance in any lady wearing the sea blue kind of uniform. But the truth is her smile was contagious.

Indeed, we do not know how we may affect the people we meet. Be nice to strangers, you may never know where you would meet them but then more importantly, always wear a smile, you never know who would fall in love with it. Just as that lady on that faithful afternoon, did to a group of strong boys who lived happily ever after…hehehe

My name is Kotey and I say to you, be colourful.

Good morning.


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