Get on Your Feet

An ant can do more on its feet than an elephant lying down.ant.jpg

No matter the size of your resources, no matter how strong your strength is, no matter your level of brilliance, no matter how retentive your memory is, no matter how quickly you can achieve tasks given you, you cannot kill a mosquito by lying on your back!elephant.jpg

It is not only a matter lying on our backs. Sometimes even by us procrastinating we achieve goals that can be achieved today to a later date. The amount of effort we channel into task determines the output each of us would receive, but then more importantly, reasonable effort. We should be careful of not putting the wrong effort into achieving a goal all in the name of working hard. The days of working hard is long gone. We must learn to work smart and more efficiently.smar.jpg

It is a known fact, that the ant can carry things that is 50 times its weight and still go back for more. Imagine if it decided to carry less in hope not damaging his ‘skeletons’.

No matter what you have set before you to achieve, remember you can do it by planning effectively and implementing your strategy and not by lying on you back.

feetMy name is Kotey and the future is for those who started working towards it yesterday. What are you doing now? Get on your feet!

Good morning.


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