The Heart that Spoke

This is a story told in many cultures.

There was a young man who fell in love with a beautiful woman. He wanted to marry her, but she gave him a horrible condition: to prove his love for her, he must bring her his mother’s heart.heart
The young man was tormented by this request. He loved his mother, but also was enchanted by this beautiful young woman and desired her hand in marriage. Eventually he decided to kill his mother and ran through the forest, carrying her heart to his beloved. The sun was almost down, and he tripped, the heart flying. Panicked, he looked frantically for the heart, knowing he had to find it before dark. He finally did, and on picking up the heart, it said, “Son, are you hurt? Are you all right?”
In the name of love we have done many unimaginable and unthinkable things – things that we realise after we have committed the deed. But another hidden morale of this story is that matter how much someone hurts or offends you, forgive and love the person.
My name is Kotey and among these faith, hope, and love, the greatest is love.
Good morning.

Credit: Tales of Faerie


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