Emotions vs. Reasoning

emotions.jpgDuring the World War II, Alan Turing managed to break the Enigma, then perceived as the unbreakable code machine of the Germans. It was through a tireless effort of everyday work and spending the night thinking on how to break the code with a team.

Before the success, their task was to break the encrypted codes being sent by the machines to find out the details being sent to the Germans. Should all possibilities be tried, it was estimated that it will take an individual 20 million years taking all the possibilities into consideration to decrypt one of the messages. They had up till midnight and all so the best minds were assembles to work at what seemed to be the impossible.

The effort paid off in one of the nights as they were at it. They successfully, decrypted the mystified codes of the Germans and could tell where each military ship was and the attack to be carried out, when and where. But they were torn between making a tactical decision and a sentimental one.

The problem was, they discovered at that moment that in 20 minutes, a U-Boat will be sunk by the Germans. Alan Turing argued that, making a move will inform the Germans that they have decrypted Enigma and will make them change the composition of it. Should they inform there to be a military action taken for the Germans to find out they have decrypted the unbreakable code or should they let the lives of the hundreds of innocent people be sank into the bottom of the ocean? They chose the latter. It was hard but the pros outweighed the cons. What they used in breaking the codes will later be referred to in our present day as the computer.

Sometimes in life, we are torn between hard choices of what seems good now with future consequences and what has immediate consequences with future benefits. Let’s make the right decisions, no matter how difficult it may, for the greater good of all mankind.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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