Meet the Ghanaian in the Young Leaders Under 25 for 2017


Prosper Tornyi

He made it to the 100 Faces of Impact – 2017 with Kelvin Doe, the innovator from Sierra Leonne. His name Prosper Tornyi, a young lad with young blood poised with a youthful ambition through philanthropy.

Kevin Doe

This year, Impact Squared launched the Faces of Impact, an initiative to create a network for the 100 change makers under 25. The three key criteria for the selection were Commitment to Social Good, Leadership and innovation, and Ability to influence.

Prosper Tornyi is the founder of Proswrites Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on equipping students with skills in science, technology, engineering and Mathematics. In 2015, September, the Proswrites Foundation organized a mentorship program in Ghana where 150 students were equipped with soft skills for the STEM sector. He is currently reading B (Eng) Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Accra Institute of Technology and the Student Council President for the 2016/2017 academic year. He is also a Global Shaper at both the Economic Forum and Global Shapers. He is a past student of the Accra Academy.prosper.jpg

Also, in the list is the young innovator from Seirra Leone who is famous for having taught himself engineering at the age of 13 and built his own radio station. Kelvin used discarded pieces of scrap paper to build transmitters, generators and batteries. Kelvin is the youngest person to have participated in the Visiting Practitioner’s Program at MIT.doe.jpg

Other faces who made it to the list include:

Diana Paz Gracia, Changemaker: Diana is involved in many community service activities to better her country, Mexico. In 2015, Diana created her own foundation, Liga F.C., which uses soccer fields in a disadvantaged area to put together soccer matches with the goal of providing a safe place for young people to play and keep them from illegal activities.

Alex Benetel, Photographer: Alex is photographer from Sydney, Australia. Having travelled to many places from a young age, she has become very familiar with the importance of documenting a memory with the use of a camera. In 2014, she was named as one of the 20 best artists on Flickr. Most recently, Alex was invited by Disney and Instagram to take stills on the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Sibu Mpanza, Blogger: Sibu is a YouTuber and Social Media Content Creator. His YouTube channel has grown to 4500+ subscribers and 280K+ views. In 2017, he has worked on campaigns with, Jameson, Standard Bank and others. He runs a digital content creation company and a fashion partnership with Topman. As a social commentator, Sibu highlights important aspects of society that need transformation such as race relations and gender equality.

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Impact Squared

100 Young Leaders Under 25


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