Give a Hand


In the heat of the American Civil War, what is considered the bloodiest in America’s history, thousands of casualties were recorded. In fact, hundreds of thousands. The constant, consistent and persistent concern of families for their loved ones in battle caused them to be in utmost disarray. In fact, it is known that it was 7 times safer to fight through the entire Battle of Gettysburg, than it was going to an army hospital. Death rate at the military hospital was 30 percent.
Each morning, they lined up and piled up in front of Post Offices to receive the suppose letters of their families that have been drawn into battle. Indeed, love brings out our deepest fear and it is love that shows that we are all human.
As the numbers begin growing all the time and every morning, a Cleveland post master evolved how Americans receive their mail. Seeing many anxious wives and children made him so distraught and instituted home delivery for the first time but what most received were death notices. This was how come home delivery came into being in order to avoid the anxious, sad moments.
But it is interesting noting that in the midst of difficult moment someone was able to create a system that provided convenience for the family to deal with whatever difficulty they were in. This delivery system will later be employed by other services making a new way for how we receive.
My name is Kotey and sometimes when people are in pain, perhaps there is a way for you to help, and your way of helping could bring relief to more people than you imagine.
Good morning.

Credit: Sun Tzu – The Art of War – Documentary (History Channel)


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