Position Yourself Right

position.jpgIt is as simple as this: If you do not evolve with the times, you will be extinct!

In today’s age, it is not enough to know what you read in school alone. You must diversify your abilities and capabilities to acquire one new skill or another. The fact is, as we inch closer towards globalization so does our work and professions. One must be able to know and understand how another profession functions.

It is for this reason, major companies and corporate organisations have organised workshops for their CEOs and employees just to become versatile, for instance in the field of I.T. Those who are not able to learn, unlearn and relearn this new skill are laid off and new people are taken on-board.

In today’s age, it is becoming a common qualification, if not already, for potential and current employees to have knowledge in coding or programming. Or at least know how to use any programming related software.

Gone are the days when all you needed are your typewriting skills. The hands of time is turning faster than the earth rotates and if you do not evolve, you will surely be thrown overboard.

As we are 3 days into a new month, try to learn a new skill, if possible one in I.T. or you could increase your value by taking further development courses and programmes in your field. There are lots of websites where you can learn many skills for free and would offer you certificates at costs as little as a pinch of nkatiƐ.

What new skill are you learning this month?

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.




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