A Cue from Norway

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In the mid 1900’s, Norway was in the business of oil exploration. It had thrown all it had into the North Sea where it is perceived by oil explorers to house one of the largest reserves in the oil industry.
After years of searching in the North Sea, just as the Vikings dominated the sea some hundreds of years ago, they could not overcome their quest. Something that contrasts the ability of Vikings – to conquer.
Soon, all the oil companies started to flee the region. After all, what is the use of staying in one of the harshest environments in the oil industry and wasting resources if one does not find what is looking for?
The miracle happened. Yes it did. On August 21, 1969, the Ocean Viking struck oil. It was the last exploration exercise being carried out in the Ekofisk field. After 3 years of what seemed to be a fruitless escapade on oil discovery, the people of Norway now had their destiny rewritten.
The country that survived on farming and fishing for the next years, through effective management and investment will use the proceeds from their oil reserves to establish a fund and build a life that is comfortable for their citizens. The country now provides free tuition, healthcare, and equal access to chances and opportunities for all Norwegians. It has been estimated that, the fund can last for up to over 200 years, supporting Norwegians and their unborn generations with the basic necessity of life.
My name is Kotey and sometimes, all indications may show that there is no hope but exploit all your rightful means to achieving your goals until they are exhausted. There is a reason why the light is kept at the end of the tunnel. Seeing it in the middle of it means there is a crack in the tunnel. Moreover, when you succeed, learn to let it be for the benefit of all mankind.
Good morning.

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