My Wife & I (Verse 4)

wifeWhat an examination she performed!

I mean I had to take off my shirt before this gorgeous lady who had to touch me with succulent hands at every part of my upper body in the name of ‘examining me.’ But then it felt ticklish, making me laugh like a girl who says “stop it” meanwhile she likes it. Yes me too I get feelings wae.

Then came the part for her to pass her hands on my slightly bony but hairy chest. Eeeiish! There noorr our eyes met! Ajeeiiii! What a feeling that was. She felt shy bi like that, smiling and giggling beneath her teeth, whiles blushing like a teddy bear. Me too my body was doing me someway bi. Lɔgɔligi things. At that point, the first thing was to check her ring finger. Beloved, that was when I discovered that the coast was clear. And what happened next was just incredible. Oh my gosh! Should I tell you? Wo so wo pɛ konkonsa dodo…hehe.

At the end of the examination, there lay before me two paths: One unto destruction, and the other unto eternal life. But then the Good Book advises me to choose life, and life I chose. I chose not to destroy the chance before me but to give it life by taking a giant step in the awkward silence that filled the room.

So I went on with my sensations “If this is not a bad idea and the feeling is….” She interjected me right there. She said “Yes. Yes, I will like to do this again and will want to have time with you. The feeling is too strong for me to let go.” I was like “eeii sister, abotɛri oo. I wasn’t proposing la.” But like a ‘boss chick’ whose pride has been wounded, she grabbed me by the shirt and wrote her number on my chest, the slightly bony but hairy chest. When it didn’t appear clear, she wrote it on the shirt. The rest, my dear friend, they say is history.

When I got home, I forgot I was even hungry. The experience had made me satisfied. I grabbed my Nokia 3310 which was held intact by 7 tightly packed rubber bands of different colours and inserted the charger into it. At first it wasn’t charging. But then man had to think. After three slaps on the backside of the phone, it resurrected with the famous Nokia tune. When I dialled, the response was “you have no credit to call this number.” The devil is a liar! I mean how? A whole me? So I decided to borrow credit by dialling the short code. Then I realized I was even owing on that one. I was owing the credit seller too. Ao Ewuradze, me di nkwasiasɛm.

Through kpakpakpa means, I managed to get some credit on to the phone. I dialled the number, it rang, my heart beat became loud in my ears, she said hello, and it was that voice that caressed me to sleep.

Someway somehow, we managed to meet on the beach later that night. I had lit some red candles and reserved a spot with some rose flowers sprinkled on the sandy beach where we sat. A friend managed to get me one of the famous Mexican bands in town to play sexy love songs in Spanish interspersed with some of Westlife’s all-time hit songs. Heerhh, charle, me abi romantic guy oo.

But then as the day of Judgement draws nigh unto mankind, I decided to draw nigh for her to access my judgement. I pushed to bridge the gap and my body touched her cold body. She wore a tight sleeveless wine dress in the cold windy night. Perfect for me to hold her. I lifted my right hand and placed it over her shoulder. The moves were made one step at a time. Then she tilted her head unto my shoulder. I could feel my heart beating into her ears as she touched my chest with her right hand then sent it behind to hold my waist. Then she lifted her head and our eyes met again amidst the playing of love songs. Ajjeeeeeiii! She indeed understands the language of the Spirit.

And so I stretched my lips. I said, I stretched my lips. Again what did I say I did? Beloved, I stretched my lips la! Finally it touched. I could feel her breath on my upper lip. I sighed, tasting that sweet thing and thanking the gods and the ancestors for such a wonderful night. So as I opened my eyes to peek to find out if she is into it as much as I am, that was when I discovered me hugging Efo’s black cat on my bed!

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.


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