What do You Have?

have.pngWhen Peter asked Jesus to dismiss the 5000 souls who were with them, he feared he could not cater for them. I mean who, when surrounded by 5000 hungry souls will continue to keep them when they are clearly becoming hungry? Mind you the first basic need for any human being is food.

At that point, Jesus and his disciples served as the leaders and as leaders you are to provide for your followers and not turn them away. There is also the possibility of they venting their displeasure at their ‘authorities’ if no food should have arrived. Even in the abundance of WiFi man will first seek food.

What happened next really gives us something to think about. Jesus asked: What do you have? Apparently they had something but feared it would not suffice the multitude. We all know how the story ends: Jesus fed 5000 men minus children and women with 5 loaves of bread and two fish.

More often than not when we are faced with a situation, we look at the enormity of the task and forget that no matter how little our inner strength is, there is something within us that can make us overcome.

My name is Kotey, and even if we you have faith as little as mustard seed, say to the mountain you face today, that move into the sea and it will. What do you have? I have faith.

Good morning.


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