The Charcoal Seller’s Son

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“One day the charcoal seller’s son will put on a white shirt – unknown”

This is one of the many quotes that informs me that even for people that others consider to be in the most dire of situations, a ‘miracle’ can still pop up from the blue to surprise bystanders. But what some may not inform us is the sacrifice that the charcoal seller makes. The charcoal seller envisages a future for her child. A future that she perceives and holds in her memory that one day things can be better.

Most often, our guardians/parents gives to us a life and opportunity to change the status quo, not just for ourselves but for the future of their grand kids. The point is, there is always a turn that we must make to change how things are. We must get out of our comfort zone and not listen to what others may want to bring down on us. But in turning, make sure you turn to the right aspect of life.

Last month, I read an article that informed that a young lady who was a herding livestock in Morocco as a child is now part of the law making body in France. Yes, things happen. But also learn to happen to things. Yes, one day things may change but remember that one day is not a day in the week so plan with a definite goal in mind that is time bound and when you get there, maintain your standard

My name is Kotey and yes one day the charcoal seller’s son will put on a white shirt but  he must also learn to wash it to stay clean.

Good morning.


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