Take the Moment

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During the American Civil War, Vanderbilt built the very first and successful railway that linked the states of America. Before this, he owned a fleet of ships but he realised that the transportation system will be revolutionised by the rail way. He wasn’t wrong. At the end of the war, he became the richest man in America. But more importantly, he owned the most important that linked harbours to the inner cities, making him have control over the transport of goods and services.


He also lost his first-born son during the war but he groomed his second-but-less favourite son to take over after him. He was known as the king of the rails during the moments he owned large parts of the American railway.

It got to a time when the railway became overbuilt and they were struggling for freight. It was then that he approached, John D. Rockefeller, the young oil man who was struggling to keep his business alive. He wanted to offer him a deal to transport his oil and take advantage of his situation. But Rockefeller, who mysteriously missed his train that ended up crashing had different ideas.

He ended up telling Vanderbilt that he would fill all his train with barrels of oil at his own price and that if didn’t accept it, he will go to his competitors. Every wise business man will not let a ‘desperate’ man who wants to save his business go away. He took the bait, not knowing that Rockefeller is even yet to think on how to get those number of barrels.

To cut a very long story short, where there is a will, there is a way and Rockefeller took opportunity of that moment to not only revive his dying company but built the first monopoly in USA when he monopolised the oil industry.

My name is Kotey, and sometimes the moment comes for us to take and not to consider for another moment. But first ask yourself: is this what I want?

Good day.


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