Life’s Bridges

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At certain points in our human existence we come to a stage in our lives when we have to crossover. A moment when we have to move from being what we were to becoming what we have to be.

For instance, we moved from being babies to becoming toddlers, from being toddlers to teenagers, from teenagers to adults, then to old people and if we are graced with seeing all these stages, we get to the point of no return, death.

But just as we cannot stay at one place for eternity, we must learn to evolve our ways in order to remain competitive. We must not continue to do same thing over and over, as that will show we never learn. Just as Chinua Achebe wrote in Things Fall Apart: ‘Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.’ The simple fact you have to evolve with the times by learning to move from what we are now.

Life offers us many bridges to cross, some lead to failure, some to success, others to love, and some to corporate partnerships. However, we can make the best decisions if we utilise the information available. It is with information and knowledge that we can know which bridge is best.

My name is Kotey and putting your trust in God will offer you the best bridge to cross and at which time.

Good morning.


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