When Things Crumble

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Ants are amazing creatures. Without the act of seeing, they use perceptibility to organise themselves into one strong and orderly unit. Their caste system allows for division of labour with each sect doing what it’s designed to do. For example, the soldiers protect the colony, the workers build it, and the Queens are the founders, to mention but a few.

When the colony is attacked and it is being crashed, the soldiers immediately go out in defence to ‘see’ what is happening. When it is beyond their control and colony collapses, the workers start to rebuild and salvage what is left, other workers will also be stockpiling ‘food’ for all members.

Never do ants give up. They build when it crumbles, but always follow a laid out system to enable them survive.

What do you do when you are hit by a calamity in life? Do you meet it head on when it rears its head, rebuild when it tears you down, or do you sit to see if things will go back to normal?

My name is Kotey and when things crumble, I choose to rebuild.

Good morning.


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