The Coin

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Once there was an old man, a rusty old man with fallen tooth and wrinkled face. He lived a dejected life for many wanted nothing to do with him. His children fled from his presence thinking he had become a burden and wanted nothing to do with him when he turned up on their doorstep for food.
But there was a boy who begged for food and money in the corners of the street. The situation of the old man troubled him so much that he couldn’t sleep without first going to the old man to offer him part of the food he begged for.
As time went by, before the old man would be put out to pasture, on his sick-bed, the old man offered the young lad the coin he always hanged around his neck. On it was inscribed, Chinese characters that read “Take the book on the table.” There was only one book on the table which had been handwritten with carefully detailed map, showing where a treasure laid.
The situation took the young lad by surprise and he wondered why the old man lived a life of penury whiles he had all this stored up.
To that he replied, “Many judge by outlook, few approach to see what lies beyond the surface. All I wanted was to show someone that no matter how we look on the outside, never be in a haste to judge, for we are treasures in earthly vessels.”
My name is Kotey.
Good morning.

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