Colour of Love

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Kids are one amazing piece of creation without which nature will be hollow. The offer us life in an undiluted form for us to appreciate. Whether in the park, school, church, mosque or at home, kids are able to express themselves to each other, at least until growth and misinformation happen.

As some kids grow up, they happen to be taught how the world is segregated, they then see things differently and racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination all set in. Some end up losing very good friends whereas others evolve into something else. By and by, we fail to acknowledge and tap from the one quality that kids exhibit that could make the world a happy place, that is, unfettered happiness.

If the world were full of kids, it will be one happy place full of smiles. But we need the adults to grow the world and watch over the kids, not teach them how to hate each other, or brainwash them.

My name is Kotey and if we all could love each other like how kids do themselves, the world we be a far better place to live because love, like kids has no colour, and does not discriminate.

 Good morning.

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