Temporary Emotions

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“Don’t make a permanent decision from your temporary emotion.” — Unknown

Many of us are culprit of the above especially in the field of love. When your feelings are so much in the seventh heavens and you feel you’re on the ninth cloud of happiness, so many decisions are possible.

The best of this example is from the Good Book, the Bible. In Genesis 25, we are told of the life account of two brothers, twin brothers for that matter. One for the sake of hunger, having returned from his usual hunting, asked his brother for a meal. Jacob, being the younger of the two offered his brother, the older one, Esau, a piece of his meal.

I don’t know the extent of Esau’s hunger, but he was so famished that he was ready to sell his birth right for a piece of bread. Most people have being told of how preposterous a decision that was, but if you were in his shoes and lived the life he did before meeting his brother to ask for food, there is 100% probability that you would have done same.

But we can overcome this when train ourselves to employ the use of thinking before our emotions. It is what sets aside good judges from bad ones, they do not entangle emotions when it comes to judgement, but then they never forget the human circumstances that lead to people making a mistake.

My name is Kotey, and at each point in our lives, lets not commit a grave mistake by making permanent decisions from temporary emotions. If you have already, there is always a path of restoration. The mistake will be to continue living in your past mistakes when you know it.

Good morning.



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