Flowers Fade Away

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“I heard the old, old man say ‘all that’s beautiful drifts away, like the waters.'” – William Butler.

Flowers are one fine piece every lover of nature admires. It is most beautiful when it blossoms and reveals its entirety to the world. It draws insects and birds that help as agents of pollination. It also draws to it man, especially those who believe that flowers are the best way to express one’s love.

Before reaching its stage of blossom, there is a period when it protected by the sepals which also support the petals when in blossom. The petals are the colourful part of the flower that help attract the agents of pollination.

But like how day gives way to night, the beauty of every flower does not last forever. It begins to fade and it begins to fall when old. Some are lucky to become fruit.

The life of man is like that of a flower. We have the stage of “protection by the sepals” where our guardians shape us to what we should become. Then we enter the stage where we become ‘petals’ attracting and repelling all kinds of people into our lives. This is the period when we attract, build, and repel all sort of characters. At this stage, mainly in our youthful days, we think we have and know it all, but then we soon grow old, looking back at what chances we lost and what mistakes we made.

My name is Kotey and just as flowers fade away, we will, but lets live our youthful lives wisely without regret at old age.

Good morning.


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