Three Paths of Life

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It was long before dusk, even before the moon had risen from the shallows of darkness to brighten the night’s sky. Kojo had been beaten and bitten bitterly by the events of life. He laid in his bed, both hands between his thighs, and sobbing like a girl who is broken-hearted. If only he could turn back the hands of time.

In just one night, he had lost all his property and savings in the fire that razed down the Kejetia Market. He didn’t heed to the counsel of friends and family to save his money with a bank, neither did he listen to the call when insurance companies offered him their services. He thought it was too much too bare. “But then there is no free lunch”, I remember him told.

The only mistake he does now, is he thinks there is no hope and has made his bed, his lawful wedded partner, staying with it since the incident occurred. The advice being poured on him is for him to get up and start all over, learning from his mistakes, but looking at his three children, he thinks life has not been fair.

Perhaps this is an ‘extreme’ example on how some of us fail to heed to relevant advice from people. We may think we know it all, but is always necessary to have a second opinion on an issue. But then it must be a reasonable one.

My name is Kotey and life will always offer us three paths, which is our past, the present, and unknown future. It was we do with today, reflecting on our past that will give us a meaningful future.

Don’t give up.

Good morning.


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