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The Legend of the phoenix has well been told and handed down from one generation to the other. It has survived so many centuries that it is now considered a myth. Its sources include Greek, Egyptian, Roman and other mythologies. Don’t worry, this wouldn’t be a history class.

The legend talks about the about the bird being capable of reproducing itself from its ashes. A feat that not even the most magical human born from Adam has ever achieved. It is believed that the bird is capable of living up to a century and half and then set itself ablaze into ashes from which the new offspring arises. Some sources say, only one bird is allowed to live in each lifetime.

The ‘new’ offspring now lives life from the ‘old’ ashes and gives itself a new beginning to chance up on life’s opportunities. It is strong, revitalised and more energetic, and spreads its wings in order to subdue the wind.

As we grow in life, there are moments when we have to let go of certain aspects of our lives. There are moments when we have to burn our inner self into ashes so as revive another part of us. It could be burning actions that sets us back, it could be burning our way of talking in order for us to have a refined speech. It could be burning out procrastination in order to revive assertiveness. The common thing is, until we discover which part of our lives needs revitalisation, we wouldn’t know which part to burn out.

My name is Kotey, and just as it is believed that one phoenix is allowed in each lifetime, so have we one life on earth. And, oh, always remember, from the ashes, God made us a beauty.

Good morning.



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