My Wife & I (Verse 4)

wifeWhat an examination she performed!

I mean I had to take off my shirt before this gorgeous lady who had to touch me with succulent hands at every part of my upper body in the name of ‘examining me.’ But then it felt ticklish, making me laugh like a girl who says “stop it” meanwhile she likes it. Yes me too I get feelings wae.

Then came the part for her to pass her hands on my slightly bony but hairy chest. Eeeiish! There noorr our eyes met! Ajeeiiii! What a feeling that was. She felt shy bi like that, smiling and giggling beneath her teeth, whiles blushing like a teddy bear. Me too my body was doing me someway bi. Lɔgɔligi things. At that point, the first thing was to check her ring finger. Beloved, that was when I discovered that the coast was clear. And what happened next was just incredible. Oh my gosh! Should I tell you? Wo so wo pɛ konkonsa dodo…hehe.

At the end of the examination, there lay before me two paths: One unto destruction, and the other unto eternal life. But then the Good Book advises me to choose life, and life I chose. I chose not to destroy the chance before me but to give it life by taking a giant step in the awkward silence that filled the room.

So I went on with my sensations “If this is not a bad idea and the feeling is….” She interjected me right there. She said “Yes. Yes, I will like to do this again and will want to have time with you. The feeling is too strong for me to let go.” I was like “eeii sister, abotɛri oo. I wasn’t proposing la.” But like a ‘boss chick’ whose pride has been wounded, she grabbed me by the shirt and wrote her number on my chest, the slightly bony but hairy chest. When it didn’t appear clear, she wrote it on the shirt. The rest, my dear friend, they say is history.

When I got home, I forgot I was even hungry. The experience had made me satisfied. I grabbed my Nokia 3310 which was held intact by 7 tightly packed rubber bands of different colours and inserted the charger into it. At first it wasn’t charging. But then man had to think. After three slaps on the backside of the phone, it resurrected with the famous Nokia tune. When I dialled, the response was “you have no credit to call this number.” The devil is a liar! I mean how? A whole me? So I decided to borrow credit by dialling the short code. Then I realized I was even owing on that one. I was owing the credit seller too. Ao Ewuradze, me di nkwasiasɛm.

Through kpakpakpa means, I managed to get some credit on to the phone. I dialled the number, it rang, my heart beat became loud in my ears, she said hello, and it was that voice that caressed me to sleep.

Someway somehow, we managed to meet on the beach later that night. I had lit some red candles and reserved a spot with some rose flowers sprinkled on the sandy beach where we sat. A friend managed to get me one of the famous Mexican bands in town to play sexy love songs in Spanish interspersed with some of Westlife’s all-time hit songs. Heerhh, charle, me abi romantic guy oo.

But then as the day of Judgement draws nigh unto mankind, I decided to draw nigh for her to access my judgement. I pushed to bridge the gap and my body touched her cold body. She wore a tight sleeveless wine dress in the cold windy night. Perfect for me to hold her. I lifted my right hand and placed it over her shoulder. The moves were made one step at a time. Then she tilted her head unto my shoulder. I could feel my heart beating into her ears as she touched my chest with her right hand then sent it behind to hold my waist. Then she lifted her head and our eyes met again amidst the playing of love songs. Ajjeeeeeiii! She indeed understands the language of the Spirit.

And so I stretched my lips. I said, I stretched my lips. Again what did I say I did? Beloved, I stretched my lips la! Finally it touched. I could feel her breath on my upper lip. I sighed, tasting that sweet thing and thanking the gods and the ancestors for such a wonderful night. So as I opened my eyes to peek to find out if she is into it as much as I am, that was when I discovered me hugging Efo’s black cat on my bed!

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.


Tales of Elon Musk – A Business Entrepreneur

elon musk.jpg

The South African-born American billionaire is well known for his inventions at Tesla, Solar City, and Space X. His name is Elon Musk.
I will not write about his growing up, but will sum it up by saying that he self-educated himself on how to do lots of things and with that he was able to build his first company. The company basically introduced the newspaper industry to the digital world using mapping software and coding. It was the first online city listings. A few years later, he sold the company for 340 million dollars, this was in 1999 at the age of 28. The company was Zip 2. But he actually just began his journey.
Not so long after, He later founded PayPal which changed how people buy things, basically through electronic transactions. E-bay later bought the company for $1.5 billion in 2001 when he was thirty and being the largest shareholder, he walked away with over a $100 million.
Again, not so long after, he used his money to build a new company known as Space X. He was the sole person to fund it at its beginning. The whole idea was to get man to space within the shortest possible time at very sound economic levels. He later had NASA to award him a $1.5 billion contract.
Within this same period, he founded Solar City when he was at his annual family visit to a desert cultural activity. He gave the idea to his family and funded them being their CEO and chairman. Solar City later grew to become the largest solar service provider in the US.
Now came the first auto business setup in decades, Tesla Motors, with $6.3 million of his own money. It was to build electric cars at affordable rates for the market.
Now all these sound like running hot knife through butter, but he had his fair share of challenges. Tesla Motors had a lot of set back with ‘bad’ media reportage, battery problems, and at some point someone who was hired to help design a model left to set up another company with a similar idea. He lost a suit and was asked to pay $90 million. Solar X had about three rocket launch failures and at the point the company was near ‘bankruptcy’ at a time of the economic depression in America after 9/11. He had a US presidential candidate to describe his company as a bad investment by the government and that it will fail. He also had two divorces within this time of hardship in his business career.
Today he is worth 14 billion. My intention is not for you to see his success as analogous to his worth but rather although faced with challenges of quitting, and being hit by storms in his personal life he still prevailed.
My name is Kotey and within toughest times, let’s hold our heads high, thinking through thoroughly and asking for God’s guidance but always seek knowledge. Do not rush to be an entrepreneur but learn first, more importantly from others ahead of you.
Good morning.


What do You Have?

have.pngWhen Peter asked Jesus to dismiss the 5000 souls who were with them, he feared he could not cater for them. I mean who, when surrounded by 5000 hungry souls will continue to keep them when they are clearly becoming hungry? Mind you the first basic need for any human being is food.

At that point, Jesus and his disciples served as the leaders and as leaders you are to provide for your followers and not turn them away. There is also the possibility of they venting their displeasure at their ‘authorities’ if no food should have arrived. Even in the abundance of WiFi man will first seek food.

What happened next really gives us something to think about. Jesus asked: What do you have? Apparently they had something but feared it would not suffice the multitude. We all know how the story ends: Jesus fed 5000 men minus children and women with 5 loaves of bread and two fish.

More often than not when we are faced with a situation, we look at the enormity of the task and forget that no matter how little our inner strength is, there is something within us that can make us overcome.

My name is Kotey, and even if we you have faith as little as mustard seed, say to the mountain you face today, that move into the sea and it will. What do you have? I have faith.

Good morning.

My Wife & I (Verse 3)

wifeAt long last, I had my chance. Damn! It was hot. It was so hot that the screams came at sporadic intervals which confirmed that she was feeling what I wanted her to feel. She was like “mmm…ah…eewoo…ajei…herh…ɛyɛ shi oo…” Oh my God, I have never been so happy. I had managed to increase the temperature of the water heater in the bathroom when my wife’s mother, my mother-in-law, asked me to set it up. What were you thinking? Bad reader! Lol…let’s move on wae.

If not for a peculiar reason, I would have driven my wife’s mother, my mother-in-law, out of the house. But then I remembered I am a new creation, behold are things are now new for them that are in Christ. I know I haven’t narrated the story of how I met my wife so indulge me for a minute.

When I was an up and coming young man, struggling in the slums of Kyorkor, one hot afternoon I was going to get my usual kenkey, but this time at a location I have never tried. I think it was because of the figure I saw. Abi you know that guys are attracted by what they see and as of the time I was no different. In fact, I think I may have watched her twice.

The kenkey seller, had a shape like Cinderella and a voice like Eve. But then when she turned she looked like Adam, with a beard like Nebuchadnezzar. So I was like “Ah, mamilɛ, is this your real face, or are you putting on makeup?” Then she replied in a heavy and deep voice “Kwɛ bo diɛŋtsɛ obuuu mɔ ona?” What followed next was a physical abuse in broad daylight and that was when I got to know that there is no need for women to fight for equality. They are already there.

So as I lay by the roadside, helpless, and needing help, a black sedan drove to my spot and gorgeous legs came out towards me. She was my type. Yes, me too I get type. She was tall, and hairy, with skin that has been toned by nature to reflect the sun’s rays through every permeable membrane. Her image formed in my eye’s retina making my brain interpret her for who she was. Was I dreaming or am I in heaven to be approached by such a wondrous lady created from God’s special clay? To borrow the words that is used in NIV version of the bible to describe Esther, I will say, “She was fine in form and in features”

Then she lifted my head and placed it on her laps as she offered me first aid. It was soft! Come on, I’m talking about the cotton, gosh! Pay attention! I felt like I was already at the altar, healed through divine intervention. So after offering the first aid and she said “please, what’s your name are you ok?” I couldn’t help but respond, “Yes, I do.”

She chuckled and said “Lemme get you to the hospital for further examination” and that was when I remembered that for all this while, her beauteous beauty had arrested my breath and I had not been breathing!

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey

Good morning.

The Charcoal Seller’s Son

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“One day the charcoal seller’s son will put on a white shirt – unknown”

This is one of the many quotes that informs me that even for people that others consider to be in the most dire of situations, a ‘miracle’ can still pop up from the blue to surprise bystanders. But what some may not inform us is the sacrifice that the charcoal seller makes. The charcoal seller envisages a future for her child. A future that she perceives and holds in her memory that one day things can be better.

Most often, our guardians/parents gives to us a life and opportunity to change the status quo, not just for ourselves but for the future of their grand kids. The point is, there is always a turn that we must make to change how things are. We must get out of our comfort zone and not listen to what others may want to bring down on us. But in turning, make sure you turn to the right aspect of life.

Last month, I read an article that informed that a young lady who was a herding livestock in Morocco as a child is now part of the law making body in France. Yes, things happen. But also learn to happen to things. Yes, one day things may change but remember that one day is not a day in the week so plan with a definite goal in mind that is time bound and when you get there, maintain your standard

My name is Kotey and yes one day the charcoal seller’s son will put on a white shirt but  he must also learn to wash it to stay clean.

Good morning.

Take the Moment

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During the American Civil War, Vanderbilt built the very first and successful railway that linked the states of America. Before this, he owned a fleet of ships but he realised that the transportation system will be revolutionised by the rail way. He wasn’t wrong. At the end of the war, he became the richest man in America. But more importantly, he owned the most important that linked harbours to the inner cities, making him have control over the transport of goods and services.


He also lost his first-born son during the war but he groomed his second-but-less favourite son to take over after him. He was known as the king of the rails during the moments he owned large parts of the American railway.

It got to a time when the railway became overbuilt and they were struggling for freight. It was then that he approached, John D. Rockefeller, the young oil man who was struggling to keep his business alive. He wanted to offer him a deal to transport his oil and take advantage of his situation. But Rockefeller, who mysteriously missed his train that ended up crashing had different ideas.

He ended up telling Vanderbilt that he would fill all his train with barrels of oil at his own price and that if didn’t accept it, he will go to his competitors. Every wise business man will not let a ‘desperate’ man who wants to save his business go away. He took the bait, not knowing that Rockefeller is even yet to think on how to get those number of barrels.

To cut a very long story short, where there is a will, there is a way and Rockefeller took opportunity of that moment to not only revive his dying company but built the first monopoly in USA when he monopolised the oil industry.

My name is Kotey, and sometimes the moment comes for us to take and not to consider for another moment. But first ask yourself: is this what I want?

Good day.

Life’s Bridges

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At certain points in our human existence we come to a stage in our lives when we have to crossover. A moment when we have to move from being what we were to becoming what we have to be.

For instance, we moved from being babies to becoming toddlers, from being toddlers to teenagers, from teenagers to adults, then to old people and if we are graced with seeing all these stages, we get to the point of no return, death.

But just as we cannot stay at one place for eternity, we must learn to evolve our ways in order to remain competitive. We must not continue to do same thing over and over, as that will show we never learn. Just as Chinua Achebe wrote in Things Fall Apart: ‘Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.’ The simple fact you have to evolve with the times by learning to move from what we are now.

Life offers us many bridges to cross, some lead to failure, some to success, others to love, and some to corporate partnerships. However, we can make the best decisions if we utilise the information available. It is with information and knowledge that we can know which bridge is best.

My name is Kotey and putting your trust in God will offer you the best bridge to cross and at which time.

Good morning.