survivi.jpgBefore man grows up into a full fledge adult, he was a clot of blood in his mother’s womb. Constant care was given to the ‘unknown creature’ for nine incredible months until he was fit to be pushed into the world. He had many fights to overcome although he had offended no one as a child. He needed good immune system to fight off diseases; good food to fight off stunted growth; good knowledge to fight off failure; good character to fight off disgrace; good inner strength to fight off depression and many more. In effect, he needed to survive by fighting each day, the fights that come in different ways, not only for himself but for the generation after him.

Surviving may seem the hardest thing to do yet profitable. Imagine the seeds that are planted in the ground. Not only are they immersed in darkness but their weak seedlings with feeble foliage have to push against hard earth soil. Mind you some of them have to stay beneath the soil for as long as long can be, but at some point in they being beneath the soil, there comes a joyous moment when they see the sun. With that, they endure hard conditions again to become a full grown tree that bears fruit for mankind as well as providing shade.

Surviving may be difficult but then it is worth it. Not just for you, but for all others that will benefit from your story. Do not give up. The darkest nights are not only before dawn but also they produce the brightest stars.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.


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