Why Me (Verse 1)

why me.jpgThis is a true story, a true love story of the life of Ashai Mensah. Some characters have been introduced for mere entertainment. Any resemblance to someone, event or occurrence to inflict any psychological pain is deeply regretted and only coincidental.

The year is 2004.

The beams of the sun hit the protruded chest of the young woman walking towards him. The cleavage was well carved. Like a gorge between two hilly mountains offering the required angle for an impressive reflection which arrested his attention. Her fair long legs took gorgeous steps as though she walked on glass.

As she bypassed him to her desk, his neck turned without experiencing any friction. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him but it was too good to be true. Her waist swung as though the wind controlled its oscillation but his eyes had no option than to follow. To him, her behind seemed to be the best he had ever seen with everything directly proportional to an increase in mass multiplied by the constant variation of k, which only he knew the exact value without using any logarithmic approach.

She sat down close to the window and turned to look at him with a smile as she used her hand to brush her hair behind her left ear, adding a wink simultaneously. It was that ‘move’ that ‘killed’ him. And with uncontrolled emotions, the whole class heard him say “Oh God, why me?”

After 3 long years of emotional torture with being in the same class with his crush, this couldn’t have been the worst moment to approach. He girded his loins, closed the foolscap, took two deep breaths, got up from his desk and took the first bold step of his life, only to realize he had just woke up from his bed, with his left leg in his chamber pot filled with the urine from yester night.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning.


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