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Gender equality can be achieved through gender empowerment. How then can we achieve gender empowerment if not by empowering our young ladies with the current trend and innovation through the use of technology. It is about teaching them how to code, to code their own future.

Ivy Barley leads this dream of empowering them and a boot camp is being organized to equip our young ladies.

Below is all you need to know to partake, and don’t forget you can always assist and support this social enterprise.

Are you a young lady who wants to learn how to code? Have you been thinking of learning how to build really cool web and mobile apps?

Developers In Vogue is accepting applications for our coding boot camp holding from 1st June to 29th July, 2017 in Accra. The good news is that you don’t even have to know how to code before applying. We’re ready to teach you from the scratch!

The benefits include:
1. Learning how to build web and  mobile apps.
2. One-on-one mentorship by industry experts.
3. Opportunity to work on freelance projects on a part-time basis to earn cash and build your portfolio.
4. Further training in mobile apps development and data science beyond the boot camp.
5. Access to a community of inspiring ladies you can collaborate with on future projects
…and many more!

Apply here:

Call/ Whatsapp: 0555552836 for more details.





Must you defend what belongs to you with your life or must you take away the life of the others helping to make your inheritance better?

Currently, it is a bad time to say ‘fi’ when a South African inflicted with a xenophobic condition dares you to, when he’s staring at you in his homeland with a machete in the right hand and a gun in the left. I mean you go see your ‘gbee naabu’.

Permit me to sway you from the fundamental content of this piece.
Recently, in my beloved country, the country closest to the centre of the earth, we witnessed the burial of a queen mother. The display of rich heritage at the grounds couldn’t have been better and I felt really proud. The part that got me confused was people claiming ownership of the occasion as solely theirs, and failing to acknowledge that all that, actually, was displayed at the funeral grounds belonged to and came from all over Ghana. Some comments I read from others against other ethnic groups are not fit for me to reproduce. But please, take nothing away from the Ashanti. It shows how powerful their kingdom is and how they are revered.

Also, somewhere in Nigeria, the division between the North and the South is more real than the demarcation of their state borders. However, I must hasten to add that since the visit by Lee Kuan Yew in the mid1900’s, there has been significant improvement. Nonetheless, a survey conducted among African countries in the early 2000s showed that 91.6% of Nigerians feel much stronger ties to their ethnic group than their nationality followed by South Africa with 78.3%. In other instances, we can talk about the Tutsis and Hutus of Rwanda or the Nanumbas and Kokombas of Ghana but time no dey.

But in the midst of this finger pointing and name tagging, I find a common ground where we all unite: the ground of discrimination, of racism and of tribalism. The difference is that one is followed by a barbaric act that leaves fluid possessed with red blood cells on the bodies of others (I am not downplaying the cynic actions being carried out by our Southern brothers.)

All over the African continent, children are told by their African parents not to marry from particular tribes, not to travel to other places, not to even speak their own language. We cannot pretend to love others whiles we hate the very people we live with. We must breed love and sense of belonging to respect the decisions of others whiles acknowledging their rights. So if the South Africans ask why they should stop this preposterous act of slaughtering humans, the answer lies in one of the music by Wanluv the Kubolor “I be human being just like you.”

The situation in South Africa can only be prevented from happening if the ideology that xenophobia comes with is fought and it cannot be done solely through the use of guns and imprisonment. Ideas can only be conquered with ideas. It is the same for all others who discriminate against some people because they are not from the same place or speak the same language as they do.

My brain has tried to restrain my fingers from typing anything in relation to the happenings in the southernmost part of Africa but at the moment it seems my fingers are in a comfortable lead.

I would like to end with the words of Lee Hsein Loong, Singapore Prime Minister: “The world is a diverse place. Nobody has a monopoly on virtue or wisdom and unless we can accept that and we prosper together and cooperate together, accepting our differences. Differences in values, differences in outlooks and differences in what we see the goals of life to be” we cannot progress.

My name is Kotey and I have a dream that one day we shall have a united Africa. May be not immediately, but definitely.

For the Women


Today we mark International Women’s Day. I’m sure somewhere in the world, a feminist has polished her voice after taking some banana to empower women to fight for equal rights, which sadly seems to be turning into a fight for ‘superior rights’. Don’t worry, I am not going to talk about feminism.
On this day lets acknowledge the role of women in lives. But then in acknowledging them let’s not forget the challenges and difficulties they are exposed to.
According to UNESCO, at most 76% of women are targeted in their life time for physical or sexual abuse. 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16. Of those trafficked across national borders, 80% are women. Also over 130 million of females worldwide have experienced female genital mutilation.
However, according to the 2013 Fact Sheet, 31 million girls of primary school age are out of school. Nigeria alone has over 5 million. Statistically, it has been shown that the level of education of a female affects the life expectancy of a child at birth, affects the malnutrition level of children and also hastens the demographic transitions to lower birth rate.
We can go on and on and on, but the point is, women are indispensable in our lives and a critical factor, if not the strongest pillar, of the future of how our communities are shaped.
So as we celebrate this day, be you a woman, a girl, a boy, or a full grown man who is yet to grow some ‘one beard’, lets take a moment to acknowledge all women. But to the men especially, lets not abuse them, rather encourage and support them.
I will like to end with the words of Mary Shelly (but then to the feminists) “I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves” to help the less privilege ones in achieving better lives than ‘fighting’ with men on a war they, the women, are fighting without it being declared.
My name is Kotey.
Good morning.



survivi.jpgBefore man grows up into a full fledge adult, he was a clot of blood in his mother’s womb. Constant care was given to the ‘unknown creature’ for nine incredible months until he was fit to be pushed into the world. He had many fights to overcome although he had offended no one as a child. He needed good immune system to fight off diseases; good food to fight off stunted growth; good knowledge to fight off failure; good character to fight off disgrace; good inner strength to fight off depression and many more. In effect, he needed to survive by fighting each day, the fights that come in different ways, not only for himself but for the generation after him.

Surviving may seem the hardest thing to do yet profitable. Imagine the seeds that are planted in the ground. Not only are they immersed in darkness but their weak seedlings with feeble foliage have to push against hard earth soil. Mind you some of them have to stay beneath the soil for as long as long can be, but at some point in they being beneath the soil, there comes a joyous moment when they see the sun. With that, they endure hard conditions again to become a full grown tree that bears fruit for mankind as well as providing shade.

Surviving may be difficult but then it is worth it. Not just for you, but for all others that will benefit from your story. Do not give up. The darkest nights are not only before dawn but also they produce the brightest stars.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.

Why Me (Verse 1)

why me.jpgThis is a true story, a true love story of the life of Ashai Mensah. Some characters have been introduced for mere entertainment. Any resemblance to someone, event or occurrence to inflict any psychological pain is deeply regretted and only coincidental.

The year is 2004.

The beams of the sun hit the protruded chest of the young woman walking towards him. The cleavage was well carved. Like a gorge between two hilly mountains offering the required angle for an impressive reflection which arrested his attention. Her fair long legs took gorgeous steps as though she walked on glass.

As she bypassed him to her desk, his neck turned without experiencing any friction. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him but it was too good to be true. Her waist swung as though the wind controlled its oscillation but his eyes had no option than to follow. To him, her behind seemed to be the best he had ever seen with everything directly proportional to an increase in mass multiplied by the constant variation of k, which only he knew the exact value without using any logarithmic approach.

She sat down close to the window and turned to look at him with a smile as she used her hand to brush her hair behind her left ear, adding a wink simultaneously. It was that ‘move’ that ‘killed’ him. And with uncontrolled emotions, the whole class heard him say “Oh God, why me?”

After 3 long years of emotional torture with being in the same class with his crush, this couldn’t have been the worst moment to approach. He girded his loins, closed the foolscap, took two deep breaths, got up from his desk and took the first bold step of his life, only to realize he had just woke up from his bed, with his left leg in his chamber pot filled with the urine from yester night.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning.

Information to Decide

data.jpgWith the age of social media becoming more part of us, does it influence our choice of decision-making, or do we not even see the information it provides us?

In this day and age, we tend to make more decisions everyday than we can think of. It starts with what time to wake up, what to wear, what to eat and even what to post or not to post. We get influenced directly and/or indirectly by the posts of others and also by their lifestyle as portrayed by them whether be it a reality.

In order to make a decision, one must have before him a wide range of information with their individual consequences. This will let him be able to assess the impact of every decision he takes.

The emergence of social media has made decision-making easier when one decides to use it as an effective tool. There is now easy access to world-class professionals in all fields who share their thoughts, their works and even the highs and lows of their lives to try to inform others.

Take for instance, the investment advisors. These group of people can give information on which markets have done well over the years and give an insight to what one should expect in the unpredictable yet definite future.

In effect, we have more at our disposal to help us decide. Lets use it wisely.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.